We empower teams

We empower teams

Even the most powerful tools are only ‌as impactful as how well you use them. The education team at Revinate makes sure that you get the most out of your investment with us. We offer hoteliers on-demand or customized learning, both online or in-person. Together, we’ll navigate industry challenges and maximize your opportunities to win direct revenue.

Our goal is to empower hoteliers with everything you need to become expert hospitality marketers, reservation sales agents, and more. We go beyond solution-specific training (though you will walk away as Revinate power users). We equip you with insider knowledge from years of experience and insider knowledge from working with top hotel brands. The confidence that hoteliers gain from this is worth as much as our certifications.


Education at Revinate

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Spotlight trainings

Our Spotlight trainings focus on our Revinate solutions. We can either dive deep on a specific feature or give you a general orientation. Have specific questions on hand? We have office hours set up for you to drive the agenda.

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Certification trainings

Dive into our online training courses to equip yourself with skills and strategies required to maximize the full potential of Revinate solutions. Become a Revinate power user and show off your certification.

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Signature trainings

Take your team to the next level with a high-converting strategy. Or find ways to generate more revenue, and design exceptional guest experiences. Connect with our Education Team to develop a virtual or on-site custom training package.

Spotlight trainings

Open to all Revinate customers, our spotlight trainings are hosted online, once a month, and have fixed slots to accommodate for global time zones — North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and Asia Pacific (APAC).

In feature-specific trainings, our Revinate education specialists uncover practical tips and tactics to help you maximize results from Revinate solutions. General overview trainings help you, or new members on your team, get onboarded with introductory solution overviews.

Have a specific topic or feature you want covered? Drop us a line and let us know.

Office hours

With office hours, you run the agenda. Show up, meet our customer success managers to ask them your questions. We usually host these live interactive sessions once a month for 30-45 minutes. Check our latest office hour schedules and pick a slot that works best for you. No need to RSVP or be on camera if you don’t want to!

Check our schedule and come along for the next session!

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What they’re saying

“Our 2 day custom onsite training was very productive. We were able to implement things live as well as walk away with actionable items. Great for all properties – to retrain after turnover or to gain new habits.”

– Maureen Holden, Director of Marketing, eCommerce & Communication, The Biltmore

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Certification trainings

It doesn’t have to be painful or time consuming to stay on top of shifting industry best practices. Get the training you need to be an expert at driving revenue, deploying email marketing campaigns, and handling guest feedback. Finish the course and take the exam. You’ll receive certifications for each course when you pass the exam that you can display proudly.

Reservation Sales

Get certified in our Reservation Sales solution. We have courses for agents and managers that you can take at your own pace. The courses take 3–5 hours to complete from start to finish.

Email marketing

Send timely, relevant, and personalized emails while designing marketing campaigns that drive direct revenue for you. With our CRM, building rich guest profiles and maintaining a clean database is easy.

Guest feedback

Managing guests’ feedback is critical to your hotel’s reputation. In this course, you will learn how to ask (and get!) feedback, address negative feedback effectively, and derive value from positive feedback.

Signature trainings

We dive into the challenges facing your team and engage with your team to uncover best practice and the opportunities on hand. These trainings are custom designed based on challenges, team size, and available Revinate solutions. We factor in group trainings either on-site or online, as a continued or one-off engagement.

Get in touch to understand more.

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Ready to schedule a training?

Work one on one with an Education specialist to create a customized education plan to meet your team’s and budget needs.