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Revinate Marketing is the industry leading CRM and email marketing solution. Hoteliers across the world voted us #1 for five years in a row. Watch a video to understand why hoteliers award us year on year.

Visualization of Revinate's rich guest profile next to an image of two women working together on a computer.

What they’re saying

“In the last 18 months, we’ve made more money with Revinate than the previous five and a half years of using other various systems.”

– Dave Double, Head of Marketing at Clink Hostels

“Within three months, the revenue from room upgrades alone has paid for Revinate – including implementation.”

– Libor Kocian, Manager, Revenue & Innovation, Clique Hotels and Resorts

Visualization of Revinate's rich guest profile next to an image of two women working together on a computer.
Revinate Marketing Solution

Earn loyal guests

Get noticed in a crowded inbox. Send timely, relevant, and personalized email marketing campaigns that capture the attention of your hotel guests.

Revinate Marketing Solution

Upsells and upgrades

Create unforgettable moments for guests with personalized hotel amenity upsells and room upgrade offers that drive incremental revenue.

Compilation of dashboards that help reservation sales teams evaluate their performance and drive direct bookings.
Headshot of a hotel staff member and a headshot of a guest with a phone screen displaying a text conversation made possible with Ivy, Revinate's text messaging solution.
Revinate Marketing Solution

Rich guest profiles

See all information about your guests in one place, including loyalty data, lifetime stays, nights, and spend.

Revinate Marketing Solution

Instant segmentation

Use automated tools to segment your guest database and improve your email performance with personalization.

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Work smarter with email automation

Automate the guest journey with lifecycle drip campaigns that run in the background, from inspiration to post-stay and back again.

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Send promotional emails in minutes

Get the word out quickly for all hotel promotions, discounts, special offers, and other one-time emails with our easy-to-use solution.

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Easily increase performance

Optimize results with A/B testing of subject lines, offers, and CTAs. Compare two versions of one data point to determine which performs better.

Find the email marketing plan that works for you.

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Every channel at your fingertips

Guests’ preferred communication channels can vary. Besides Revinate Marketing, our email marketing solution, with Revinate, you can use every channel available — voice, text, and web.

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