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Revinate solutions provide the data insights you need to maximize your investment and drive direct bookings.

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“When I arrived in this group, we had a system of mass mailing, which is completely ridiculous in 2016 and 2017...we should be able to communicate directly to the guest with the proper information. Now, our emailing campaigns are really dedicated to every guest. I don't send an email to my whole database, ever.”

- Renaud Biard, Chief Operating Officer, 9 Hotels Collection

Optimize investment in the highest ROI initiatives

Discover trends in your data to inform your decision-making for maximum ROI impact with sentiment analysis on guest feedback.

Move away from siloed systems that obscure guest insights

Get an integrated view of your data across CRM and guest feedback platforms for a more complete aggregate picture of your guest database.

Increase direct and repeat bookings

Act on your new data insights. Smart segmentation allows you to target specific groups of guests with relevant email communications, leading to more direct, repeat bookings, and more money in your pocket.

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Increase hotel guest satisfaction

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Consumers are less brand loyal, savvier than ever, and they expect personalization. You also have to reach them across multiple devices and platforms. We'll show you how.

Owning the guest experience is at the core of everything. I don't believe you can be 100% perfect, but we have to know our business and know our guests so well that we never let someone fall through the cracks with an unhappy experience.”

- Jamie Fox, Director of Rooms, The Hotel Emma

Adopt modern best practices for guest feedback collection and responses

Automatically collect feedback and prompt guests to leave a review on TripAdvisor or Google.

Develop a multi-channel digital marketing strategy

Discover your most effective channels and optimize your online presence.

Target your most profitable guests with personalized offers

Smart segmentation allows you to target specific groups of guests with relevant email communications, leading to higher levels of guest satisfaction and more repeat, direct bookings.

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Outrank your competition

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The hotels with which your guests interact are constantly innovating in their guest experience. We'll help you break through the noise.

“Some of our guests have been staying with us for 20 years, they always stay here, and they love it. We just needed a way to encourage them to talk about us online.”

- Greg Bodenlos, Brand Marketing Manager, The Charles Hotel

Increase your brand visibility at the start of the guest lifecycle

Amplify your reach. By automatically prompting guests to leave feedback on TripAdvisor or Google, you can improve your rankings on sites that are important in the early stages of a guest's booking journey.

Ensure your brand is reflected in all your guest communications

Optimize your online presence. Interact with guests online quickly and efficiently.

Invest in the right channels to drive conversion and direct bookings

Be present, relevant, and useful where your customers are looking for you.

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