Benchmark data: Guest messaging overview

Revinate benchmark 2023 global messages received per month per hotel

Hotels received an average of 23,720 messages annually

Hotels that leverage Ivy, Revinate’s text messaging solution, received an average of 23,720 messages annually. This translates to 1,977 messages per month. But there were some ebbs and flows worth noting.

The average number of messages received per month climbed above 2,000 in April and stayed near that level through August. Most Ivy users are based in the NAM region, so this lines up with the time of year when many travelers in that region are taking advantage of the warmer spring and summer months.

So, just how many guests actually interacted with a text messaging solution? Our results show the average engagement rate over the course of 2022 was about 27%. Guests responded most frequently — a 29% engagement rate — during April and July.

As for the breakdown of inbound messages compared to outbound messages, those annual averages were 22.6% and 77.4%, respectively. Keep in mind this means that 77.4% of all messages sent via the solution come from both Ivy as well as staff. And this distribution remained relatively steady throughout the entire year.

Revinate benchmark 2023 global breakdown of inbound vs. outbound messages

The takeaway? No matter the season or how busy your property is, a text messaging solution can handle about a quarter of guests’ text-based inquiries.

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