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What Adblockers Mean for Hotels

We’ve previously blogged about how traditional advertising is failing. The numbers are showing that traditional television ads get less effective with each new generation that comes along—currently, ads are most effective with Seniors and Baby Boomers, and least effective with Millennials. Given this downward trend, it’s a good bet that traditional marketing will be even less effective with the next generations that come along after the Millennials.

Taking this trend a step further, it’s not just traditional advertising media that’s being affected by this trend. Even social media ads are suffering, as we find that the use of ad blocking extensions is becoming more and more prevalent. According to research by GWI, 33% of Facebook users are using adblocking software. If you’re using traditional side bar CPC ads on Facebook, it means that as much as 33% of your audience isn’t even seeing your ad.

The trend continues upward from there, as Adblocker use in the USA becomes even more prevalent with Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Reddit users.

To top it off, the trend is also generational, supporting the evidence that advertising is becoming less effective with each new generation. 42% of 16 to 24 year olds and 38% of 25 to 34 year olds are using an adblocker on the Internet.  What you’ll notice about this trend, as seen below in the graphic, that the age demographic with the highest use of adblockers is the Millennials.

What does this mean for hotels?

If the evidence shows that traditional advertising is becoming increasingly less effective, how do hoteliers reach their guests?

To answer this question, Revinate is co-hosting a webinar with eCornell on November 19th: It’s Not About You: Why Hotel Marketing Needs to Change.

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