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Create & Run foursquare Specials with Revinate – How to get Started

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Foursquare allows businesses to create Specials, which can be thought of as virtual coupons. This is a great way for hoteliers to attract new customers, reward your most loyal ones, start driving immediate ancillary revenue and help to stand out from your competitors. The best thing is that it’s completely free – no commitment, no credit cards, no risk! Foursquare doesn’t charge any fees for businesses to run Specials, so the only cost to you is the economic value you offer to foursquare users.

When a foursquare user opens up the “app” on their smartphone they can see a list of venues that are nearby, as well as those that are running Specials. This is a great way to entice people to stop by your business, rather than one down the road.

Get started with foursquare Specials on Revinate!

As part of Revinate’s foursquare integration, you can create and run Specials directly within your account.  Once you’ve linked your venues into Revinate, click on the “Start a Campaign” link on the foursquare mission control homepage, then follow these easy steps:

  1. Select from the list of venues linked to your Revinate account, that you want to apply the Special to.
  2. Select the type of Special. Depending on the type of Special, you may need to fill out criteria for when the Special gets unlocked.
  3. Describe your Special, including the offer description and optional custom unlocked text and fine print.
  4. Select a start and end date for your Special.

It’s also easy to end a Special. Just click on the Special from the “Campaigns” box on the foursquare mission control page, and you’ll see the option to end the Special (you can only retire Specials that you have created).

Here’s just some examples of Specials you could run. Of course feel free to get creative. Chat among your colleagues to find out what Specials they would like to receive. Are there any amenities at your hotel that you want to drive people to during a given time? Check out what your competitors are doing – are they even running Specials?

  • Check-in special: When a person checks-in to your hotel they get 15% off any treatment at your spa.
  • Mayor special: When the mayor checks-in, they get a free room upgrade.
  • Friends special: Check-in to your bar with five or more friends and get 10% off your next stay at the hotel.
  • Newbie special: First time staying at your hotel – check-in to earn a free drink at your lobby bar!

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