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Dan Hang discusses hospitality industry trends, and the power of putting the guest at the center of what you do

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Recently, our President and COO Dan Hang sat down with our friend Jordan Hollander, co-founder of Hotel Tech Report to talk about a host of topics, from how and why Zillow and OTAs like Expedia (founded by the same entrepreneur as Zillow) evolved to have such different relationships with their target markets to future trends in the hospitality industry.

It’s a great read for anyone interested in understanding where hotel tech is headed and the challenges hoteliers will likely face in the coming years. Here are a few key takeaways:

1. Hoteliers and technology woes

“Hoteliers struggle from the fact that their technology is antiquated and their systems don’t talk to one another very well,” says Dan, but while cloud-based solutions can make the work more efficient, hoteliers are understandably wary of providing vendors with too much power, especially OTAs. “That said, I’d also take a hard look at what the technology could provide to my business and weigh that benefit carefully with the strategic risk.”

2. Where there’s a struggle, there’s an opportunity

One of the major takeaways from the interview was that hotel tech is changing the way hoteliers do business. While that’s certainly going to mean growing pains, all that guest data can be brought together to create, a better guest experience. “There’s a big opportunity for hotel tech to become more guest-centric by bringing together all of the industry’s raw and disparate data and turning it into actionable insights.”

3. Let the guest be your guide

Ultimately, all of this new tech — and the data that goes with it — may lead to a change in hotelier thinking. “For example, the property management system, even by name, is designed to manage an inventory of rooms in a building as opposed to optimizing guest experience or driving revenue.” As hoteliers become more adept at using data to improve guest experience, we could see a shift to a more guest-focused approach to hotel management.

Read more over at Hotel Tech Report.

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