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Facebook Introduces ‘Offers’ for Brands

Last Updated: October 21, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |2.3 min read|

A few months ago, we partnered with our friends at BCV to bring hotels and restaurants up to speed on the Facebook Timeline rollout to brands. In the webinar we discussed all the key ingredients to creating a hearty Timeline for your brand.

As a true social media enthusiast, I am a huge fan of Timeline and it’s ability to aid in telling your brand’s story – how you came to be and all the interesting milestones along the way. In addition to the Timeline rollout, Facebook also recently launched “Offers,” a free service that allows your brand to post offers to Facebook users (e.g. “enjoy a complimentary dessert with the purchase of two entrees”). Fans that click to receive the offer are sent an email to present to your venue (by printing out or displaying on their mobile device) with the offer and any special restrictions clearly displayed in the email. Special restrictions may include such language as “one redemption per customer per day” to keep someone from printing out 100 copies or other abuse. You can also set limits on these offers, similar to a Groupon or LivingSocial Deal where the offer is “sold out” after a set number of people click to receive the deal, helping to limit your exposure.

Offers are a great way to experiment with your Timeline. Not only can they provide engaging content for your fans that require direct action but they also allow you to tie an ROI back to your Facebook efforts. When setting up an offer, be sure to create proper tracking codes in your PMS/POS that allow your staff to indicate when an offer has been redeemed. As with any marketing campaign, it’s always important to brief your staff on the offer details and define a process for tracking and managing redemptions. In addition, I recommend creating a simple spreadsheet that lists each redemption and the total that was spent by the customer during that visit, allowing you to report on how much additional revenue your offers brought in.

So what do you need to get started? If your business has a local address listed in its profile, admins will see the option to create an Offer in the status bar. Here are the specs for Offers:

  • A 90-character (maximum) headline
  • A 900-character (maximum — much less recommended!) terms and conditions
  • A 90 x 90-pixel square image to accompany the post

I’m always an advocate for building customer loyalty and believe that Offers are a great way to increase your fan base and thank them for their loyalty. So before you jump on the flash-sale bandwagon, why not reward the people that care about your business most? With a simple plan in place, there’s not much to lose with testing out this free service!

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