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[Infographic] Email Design Trends of the Past, Present, and Future

Email has come a long way from rich-text messages and hidden images, and today some emails are works of art. They contain animated gifs and they’re responsive by device. So if that’s the present, what does the future of email design look like?

The folks at EmailMonks took a stab at answering that question in an infographic that looks at email design trends over the past year and predicts what we can expect to see as 2017 moves along.

Some carryovers from 2016 that we’re continuing to see are lightweight animated gifs in emails, flat design, and design that builds suspense as the user scrolls on a mobile.

Last year also gave us some technical updates to email, such as how emails render in Gmail, and iOS 10’s allowing embedded video, the infographic explains.

Moving forward, EmailMonks predicts, we’ll be seeing more moving emails with keyframe animation, live backgrounds, and cinemagraphs, and interactive features such as search in emails.

For examples of inspiring email campaigns and more predictions, scroll down to see the infographic: