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[Infographic] What’s Better for Hotel Marketing: Instagram Stories or Snapchat?

Instagram Stories or Snapchat? Hotel marketers now have another option for a social platform for limited-time photos and videos. So, which one will work best for your marketing? Are either of them worth the time and effort it takes to experiment with a new social platform?

That depends on who you want to reach. Generally, both of these platforms are much more heavily adopted by the under 34 crowd. For example, 53% of 18-34-year-olds use Instagram; 41% of that demographic use Snapchat. Moreover, on Instagram, users can search by name, username, hashtags, and geographic locations. There’s no such search on Snapchat. But, if you’re going for a demographic older than 34, the adoption of either of these platforms is much less saturated and is probably not worth your time.

There’s the question of active users to consider. While your target demographic may be on both Instagram and Snapchat, Instagram has twice as many daily active users. Therefore, you have a much greater chance of reaching your audience on Instagram.

To find about more about the differences between the two social platforms, check out the infographic below.