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Instant Personalization Live on TripAdvisor

Last Updated: October 21, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |0.9 min read|

Today Facebook announced that TripAdvisor will be using ‘Instant Personalization‘ to prominently display friends’ reviews and information about where friends have traveled.

The catch is that the information will be visible whether you are logged into Facebook or not. Many  users will find this update convenient. If you’re looking for a hotel in New York and you see that three of your friends have traveled there, it’s nice to be able to ask them for advice. However, others might worry about privacy and be upset that Facebook is displaying personal information without logging in.

Personally, I think Instant Personalization is a great mash-up and a great extension of “Trip Friends” that will make picking destinations and hotels more social. We already know that recommendations and reviews now drive more hotel bookings than either location or price so what better way to help people decide where to stay than to provide them with easy access to their friends when browsing hotels. I love it. You?


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