Keep Your Guests Coming Back with Revinate’s Hotel Loyalty Guide

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Being able to connect with guests and keep them coming back (and booking directly) is essential to any hotel’s success. To help you navigate the loyalty landscape, we crunched the numbers on over 200 hotel groups from across the globe to discover how brands are using loyalty programs…and how guests are receiving them.

The results may surprise you. One of the most salient findings was that hotels need at least 30,000 rooms to profitably support a proprietary points-based loyalty program. For small- and medium-sized hotel groups, we’ve outlined the strategies and tactics that can help you boost guest loyalty and grow repeat bookings. To learn more about how to up your loyalty game, download the guide today.

What You’ll Find in the Hotel Loyalty Guide:

  • Get an industry-wide understanding of how hotels are leveraging loyalty programs today.
  • Learn how guests really feel about loyalty programs and which features drive their interest.
  • Build a loyalty program that works with data-driven insights and industry-leading expertise.

Download the guide here.

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