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New Study, Same Findings. Recommendations Matter

Last Updated: October 21, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |0.7 min read|

A recent study by Epsilon has confirmed what Revinate users already know. Recommendations and property reviews heavily influence travelers’ decisions about which hotels to stay in.

400 consumers who recently booked a hotel were included in the study. As reported by, some key findings from Epsilon’s hotels survey include:

  • Only 33% of consumers surveyed definitely knew which hotel they would select, leaving 2 out of 3 consumers “pretty sure” or unsure of their decision;
  • For all consumers surveyed the number one factor driving their decision was price. Convenience of the hotel location is the second most popular reason;
  • For consumers who were unsure, good reviews are a significant factor. Friends and family rank high as influential sources along with product review websites and brand websites;
  • When seeking information the most popular sources are brand websites, search engines and travel related websites;

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