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Revinate Partners with Triptease on CRM: A Hotelier’s Guide

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We recently teamed up with our friends at Triptease for an inspiring chat on hotel marketing and the importance of guest data. We were thrilled to be included in their multi-part series, “CRM: A Hotelier’s Guide” and wanted to share Part 3 and Part 4 with our readers as well.  Check them out below!

CRM: A Hotelier’s Guide, part 3 – A case study with Hotel Emma

Jamie Fox, Director of Rooms at Hotel Emma and rockstar Revinate customer, spoke to Triptease about his success with CRM. “A lot of systems are complicated…but with Revinate Marketing, I can do everything I need to do in the system on my own. That was a big selling point.” Read more about how Fox discovered that CRM was the exact solution he needed to effectively manage his marketing and guest feedback initiatives.

CRM: A Hotelier’s Guide, part 4 – The proof that it works! 

Hotels are sitting on a gold mine of data. To strike it rich, hoteliers need to start digging their way to more revenue. That’s where CRM comes in (and more specifically Revinate Marketing). Keep reading to get our take on how leveraging guest data to power marketing initiatives results in increased guest engagement and direct bookings.

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