What is Social Proof and Why Your Emails Should Include It

If you have ever skipped over a restaurant’s description of their food and gone right for the reviews, you understand the importance of social proof. People are more likely to trust their peers’ recommendations than that of a business, whose main goal is to sell to a customer.

Social proof authenticates your company and is a great channel for sales. Hoteliers have taken notice and many look for opportunities to add social proof to social media, advertisements and email. Take a look at the infographic, below, to learn how to best incorporate social proof into your campaigns.

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It’s important to include social proof in your emails. Social proof adds authenticity, helps expand your follower base, and can act as a great persuasion tactic. We recommend including links in the footer to your active social media channels. You can also go the extra mile by including reviews, quotes, or customer testimonials.


The content of your emails is more than just images and text. The email’s tone of voice, choice of words, and layout also help to convey your message. When designing your campaign template, include plenty of white space. This helps with readability and allows users to focus on the content, which should be direct and compelling. A good test is to have a colleague quickly glance at the email, reading only the headlines, to see if it makes sense. Your audience should get the gist of the email, even with just a cursory glance. Also, keep in mind that many people will be opening your email on a mobile device, so you need to design and test not just for desktop, but also for phones and tablets.

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