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The 2019 Revinate Hotel Reputation Benchmark Report is Here!

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Today, we released our fourth annual Global Hotel Reputation Benchmark Report. This report is an industry barometer that you can use to understand where you should focus resources to improve your online reputation in 2019.

To create our report, we pulled a lot of data from 427 million online guest reviews from 140,000 properties across 200 countries over the last two years. Our mission was to uncover how hotels are ranking on review sites, how they are responding to reviews, and which review channels are seeing the most traffic so hoteliers can benchmark their own reputation initiatives against hotels in their region and hotel class and across the world. 

This year we found that for the first time, there are signs that guests’ interest in writing online reviews is waning. Although the number of reviews is still growing year over year, overall global review volume growth decelerated in 2018. The number of reviews grew by only 8%, compared to 27% growth in 2017.

The report also shows a shakeup and consolidation among the top review aggregators. In 2018, 84% of all global reviews came from just the top 3 sites, with a new leader, Google, emerging. contributed 33.9% of reviews and TripAdvisor contributed 13.6% to round off the top 3 For comparison, in 2017, the top 4 online review sites by review volume (, Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook) contributed 74% of the review volume Revinate analyzes. 

Revinate Reputation report: review distribution by site

It’s clear how Google was able to take the number one spot when you look at the year over year growth for each review site. Google grew its review volume by 75% in 2018, and while it couldn’t keep pace with 2017’s growth of 207%, it was enough to edge out the competition this year. 

Review distribution YoY Growth stats

To discover more insights for your hotel, including online reputation trends and a breakdown of review ratings and response rates by hotel class and region, check out our 2019 Reputation Benchmark Report.



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