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The best April Fools’ jokes from across the travel industry

You may have noticed some of the biggest names in hospitality making some surprising announcements today. From trips to Mars to airplane seat coin slots, companies went all out to surprise and entertain their fans. It’s the perfect post-weekend pick me up. We collected the best of April Fools jokes from the travel industry for your enjoyment.

If you’re one of the many who wonder why brands go through the trouble of creating elaborate hoaxes for April Fools, consider Vice’s interview with creative director and advertising expert Alex Holder.  According to her, “It’s a chance for them to prove to their customers that they can be funny and human.”  While true, part of the motivation is more basic than that. Just like Lawrence Olivier said when asked why he agreed to be in the film Inchon, “The answer is simple: Money, dear boy.”

5. Travelocity wants to take you to Mars

Travelocity tried to take advantage of the post-Matt-Damon-in-the-Martian Mars travel boom with their post. Book now because the wait list is out of this world.


4. Sandals Resort wants you to swim…over the ocean

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We're always on the cutting-edge of #innovation in the Caribbean – from creating the first swim-up pool bar to our Over-The-Water Villas & Bungalows. And now, the newest addition to our Over-The-Water Collection takes #luxury to new heights with a 3-tier, glass bottom design that showcases panoramic views of the #Caribbean Sea from any angle. Ascend to the top-floor whirlpool in a glass elevator, grab a drink at our signature swim-up pool bar on the second tier, or enjoy unobstructed views of the ocean in our infinity-edge, glass bottom pool hovering over turquoise waters. This towering tribute to all things over-the-water is our latest crowning achievement. #SandalsResorts #LuxuryTravel

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What can we say? You can’t get a better view of the ocean than this! Sandals really changed the game.

3.  FlySwoop monetizes reclining seats


BIG NEWS! We're bringing lie-flat seats to the single class cabin. Introducing Recline-for-a-Dime™ 💺 the latest ultra-low-cost innovation. To celebrate this revolutionary new product we're having a SALE. Don't pay for things you might not use! Book now and SAVE. ✈️

Posted by FlySwoop on Sunday, March 31, 2019

In the “sadly, this could wind up being true” category, we have FlySwoop’s “Recline-for-a-dime” program. It’s the next logical step for airlines looking to squeeze every cent out of their hapless passengers.

2. WestJet introduces #FlyreFestival

WestJet introduces #FlyreFestival

Like all great stories, this one begins with a flight. Welcome to #FlyreFestival – an immersive music festival at 35,000 feet on our 787 Dreamliner. Will you join us?

Posted by WestJet on Thursday, March 28, 2019

Why not throw the world’s most exclusive festival at 35,000 feet? I’d hate to be the one who had to clear up the cabin afterward.

1. Kimpton starts the biggest trend since avocado toast

Kimpton creative April Fool's joke for the hospitality industry

Kimpton released a “special edition” of their Culinary + Cocktail Forecast and showcased the cutting edge of trendy foods. From keto pasta and cauliflower steaks to ground coffee toast, they’ve got inner-millennial foodie covered.

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best 2019 April Fools Jokes in travel industry Share your favorite April Fools’ Day hoax with us in the comments section.