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The Faces of Revinate – Nick Ferris

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We think we’re pretty lucky to have so many talented and diverse colleagues here at Revinate. We’ll continue to share a little bit about each person so that you can see the “faces of Revinate.”

In a nutshell what do you do at Revinate?

I’m a Sales Representative for Revinate and work with prospective customers throughout the East Coast and Europe.

What do you like most about Revinate?

I love the team. Everyone working at Revinate is smart, motivated, and a ton of fun. It’s a great place to work and I am extremely lucky to be a part of such as great team!

How long have you been with the company?

I joined Revinate in February, 2011.

What were you doing before joining Revinate?

I was previously living in Boston and working for a division of Experian, selling software.

What’s your favorite hotel that you’ve stayed at?

The Hotel Danieli in Venice, hands down. Upon entering, you step into a beautiful atrium dating to the 14th century. It’s breath taking and you feel honored to be staying in such a historic property.

What is the number one city on your list that you want to travel to?

Sydney, Australia. I’ve heard such great things about this city and it strikes me as a very active city that would be a lot of fun and a place I could live in (plus my girlfriend is from there!)

What kind of things/activities do you like to do outside of work?

I love to play tennis as well as most sports but I also really enjoy cooking, traveling, and since moving to NYC, one of my favorite hobbies is searching for great restaurants (and the process of dining in them).

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