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Top Hotel Marketing Subject Lines for March 2019 – EMEA

While you’re putting together your March 2019 email campaigns, we’ve been analyzing the campaigns that had the most success last March. We’ve collected the top performing subject lines from our EMEA customers last year, with an average open rate of 26%! Hopefully, these will help you build successful campaigns next month.


Check out last March’s top subject lines below:


1. Subject line: Check out some of our amazing Spring Breaks.

Why we love it: We aren’t above a good pun.  This subject line, which plays on both “spring break” and “price break” let’s potential guests know what to expect and maybe even gets them to chuckle.


2. Subject line: Exclusive 2 Night Offer Just For You

Why we love it: This subject line provides a  clear, enticing and personal proposition to the potential guest, while encouraging a sense of exclusivity.


3. Subject line: Easter escape to the sun

Why we love it: This subject line leverages the holiday, the warmer spring weather, and a desire to escape for a little bit, all in five little words. Talk about word economy.


4. Subject line: Book now for March and receive 10% discount

Why we love it: This subject line provides a straightforward and persuasive offer.  Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most effective.


5. Subject line: Celebrate the return of Spring at [Hotel]!

Why we love it: An invitation to celebrate is rarely refused. This subject line takes advantage of name recognition as well to build excitement and boost the open rate.


There you have it, the top hotel marketing subject lines for March, based on Revinate’s EMEA customer data.  It’s always a good idea to plan this outreach ahead of time. You can use our 2019 email marketing planner to do just that.