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WAIT! Don’t hit send!

Guest communication is vital to the health of your property; however, this should not be the only reason you’re sending emails. Here are a few red flags that should stop you from hitting send: 

     1. You haven’t refined your audience

Having a clear audience ensures accurate conveyance of the message within the email. Identifying who the email is for then customize it to your guests. This is a sustainable tool for keeping your audience engaged, while spurring higher open rates and stronger brand loyalty. In a full guest inbox, it is crucial to stand out, which is why 73% of Revinate customers achieve higher revenue per recipient with smart segmented campaigns and a concentrated audience. So segment, because It’s truly about the guest journey, and you don’t want to ruin that journey before it starts!

     2. You’re sending just to hit a marketing goal

Sending to meet a marketing goal will almost always reveal itself in your messaging. The reader will see right through it. Emails without purposeful intent could have a long-term effect on your engagement. If your guests aren’t receiving valuable information, they’re less likely to open  your emails. And how are you going to maintain a healthy database if guests are unsubscribing? Revinate CRM specializes in preserving guest relationships while achieving marketing objectives. 

     3. You sent them an email in the last 24 hours 

This error typically boils down to a failure to plan. We’ve all done it – pushed an email out the door in order to meet a deadline, only to realize the next day that there’s an event or promotion we need to communicate to our guests. By planning in advance, we eliminate the guesswork and schedule marketing emails to avoid “over-sending”. 

     4. Your email content does not match the subject (or preview) line

Your subject line is the strongest tool when it comes to open rates and should tease the contents of the email. Avoid bait-and-switch tactics, as these will also have a long-term effect on your audience engagement. Avoid unclear messaging in your subject lines, as these are not compelling and will result in poor open rates. If you need some practice in subject line creation or even calls to action, Revinate’s Hotel Email Marketing Strategy Guide is where it’s at. Communicate email content quickly and entice your audience to read more! 


These are common traps in email marketing, but spot them in advance to benefit your marketing strategies and add value for your audience. Get started with Revinate Marketing!