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‘I Hate My Room,’ The Traveler Tweeted. Ka-Boom! An Upgrade!

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In today’s print version of the Wall Street Journal, you will find an article called, ‘I Hate My Room,’ The Traveler Tweeted. Ka-Boom. An Upgrade. Yes, we tweeted about it when the online article was posted last night but now it’s in print, so we get to talk about it some more.

The article takes a close look at how hotels are building relationships with guests using social media. I’m pretty excited for a few reason. First and foremost, Revinate is mentioned as a vendor that can help hotels manage their reviews and social media campaigns. Second, in the short time that I have been working at Revinate, I have been promoting the use of social media for surprise and delight. And finally, it’s the Wall Street Journal!!

As a passionate believer in social media, I love reading the comments of articles more than the articles themselves. One reader, Andrew Jacobi writes, ” I am typically looking for patterns in the reviews I read. Someone complaining about poor service at check in or a smelly room won’t bother me unless I read that from a few people.” The same holds true for hotels and is exactly why hotels need Revinate. It’s impossible to track reviews over time without a solution that allows you to see patterns. For example, you might notice that the majority of your positive reviews talk about your airport shuttle service? Maybe you should promote your service in your adwords program. Do a lot of your negative reviews complain about your in-house coffee? Maybe it’s time to find a new vendor. Without the right data there is no way to systematically use reviews to improve sales and customer satisfaction. If you haven’t seen Revinate, contact us for a demo.

Check out the whole WSJ article online here.

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