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Webinar Recap: Reviews and Online Reputation

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Thanks to everyone who joined us for our webinars last week. We hope you enjoyed our discussion of how hotels can take unique approaches to reviews and online reputation management. If you missed the event, please feel free to review a recording by clicking on the following link Reviews 101.

Proactive vs. Reactive Reputation Management

In this webinar we showed that you can drive results by moving past reactive management of online reviews to proactive management of online reputation. We discussed how operational changes can prevent systematic service problems from re-occurring, thus improving online reputation overall.

Q & A from the Event

Search Engine Optimization and reviews

Q: When responding to a review, how often should you consider your keywords for SEO in the response? Should you use certain tags in your response?

A: In general any time that you include your keywords it can be beneficial, be aware this will likely increase your optimization to the site where you are posting the response. However, if you use a service such as Revinate’s Social Buzz to post your reviews and responses to your branded site, the outlink to the review site or OTA can drive more search relevancy. A social buzz review will show up in the search engine’s cache of your site for a few weeks, but when the crawlers create a new cache, that information will be replaced. If you do keep content fresh with social buzz the keywords are more likely to work for you.
Even if you don’t post reviews and responses to your site, you can still see some SEO value. A review response with keywords may potentially drive users to that review site, but you can use a service such as TripAdvisor’s business listings to channel these customers back to your branded site for booking.
However, as we mentioned, it is important that your review response be written for human comprehension and not to please the search engines.

Management performance incentives

Q: What kind of performance incentives are based on reputation, based on your experience? Is it like giving a percentage on the area managers’ salary and, if so, what range is usually used?

A: Our clients, who share their experiences, are generally using bonuses rather than pay for performance at this point. For example, a major chain gives bonuses for responding to 100% of 1 and 2 star reviews, 30% of 3 and 4 star reviews, etc.
We also see clients using metrics that are reported in Revinate’s GS2 report as a factor for a General Manager’s compensation, rather than a traditional STR report. Revinate’s GS2 Report (Guest Satisfaction 2.0) is the hospitality industry’s first report that analyzes public guest feedback from online review sites and OTAs as the most comprehensive measure of guest satisfaction.  For line employees, we hear of many hotels that are giving spot bonuses to employees who are mentioned by name in positive reviews.

In our webinar on Feb. 28th entitled Five Ways that Any Hotel or Portfolio Can Improve its Online Reputation we will discuss this topic in more detail. Click here to Register.

Again, thank you for joining our webinar. Please contact if you have any further questions. Also, please consider joining us for our upcoming webinars, Social Media 101 on Feb 26th and Five Ways to Improve your Online Reputation on Feb 28th. Please visit to register.

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