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The Buyer’s Guide to Guest Feedback Solutions

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Most hoteliers now understand the critical role that guest feedback plays in new bookings, repeat bookings, ancillary revenue and overall customer satisfaction. Many properties, however, are cobbling together programs to gather, respond to and analyze guest feedback by means of a variety of point solutions. Others have invested in an advanced customer relationship management solution, only to discover that it doesn’t meet their needs.

Moving to a modern, full-fledged solution can be difficult, costly and confusing:

  • Hotels employ a number of proprietary, legacy systems that sometimes can’t exchange data
  • Guest behavior is changing rapidly
  • Use of mobile devices is growing exponentially
  • Third-party websites and social media play a more important role than the hotel website
  • This guide discusses recent changes in guest behavior and the business case for guest feedback management, while identifying the key capabilities of technology that can help you more effectively manage the entire feedback cycle. It will help you understand the important differentiating factors among available guest feedback management solutions.