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Metadesk is a Certified Revinate Partner

Metadesk is a Certified Revinate Partner

Integration Type: Advocates and agencies

Metasearch Management that Makes Sense


  • Metadesk is a hospitality metasearch platform built for performance
  • With our variable commission model based on direct metasearch bookings, you’ll never over pay.
  • Metadesk integrates with 1st party audiences and intent-based audiences to lower the cost per acquisition and increase conversion rate.

About Metadesk

Metadesk, a GCommerce product

With easy-to-understand pricing, direct access to your campaign optimization specialist, and on-demand data insights, you’re in the driver’s seat.

  • Variable Pricing Model – Only pay for what we book – your commission percentage is based on consumed revenue. Plus we adjust our pricing with your revenue production so you’ll never overpay.
  • Managed by Media Experts – Metasearch is your best way to compete with OTA’s for direct business, but it takes media management and smart campaign oversight. Something we’ve been helping hotels with for 20 years.
  • Custom Audiences – Custom, intent based audiences for targeting your ideal guests – built with your first party data.
  • On-Demand Reporting – Never get left in the dark. With Metadesk, the reporting you need is updated daily and just a log-in away.

Take control of your metasearch channels with Metadesk.

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