Guest Satisfaction Surveys for Hotels

Revinate Surveys is the best way to collect guest feedback, improve the guest experience and boost review volume and rankings

Collect Guest Feedback

Design beautiful guest satisfaction surveys to collect feedback and improve your guest experience.

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Improve Guest Satisfaction

Measure hotel and department performance, track sentiment to identify areas for operational improvements.

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Boost Reviews & Rankings

Encourage guests to publish reviews to TripAdvisor and Google to increase review volume and ranking.

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Collect Feedback

With Guest Satisfaction Surveys

Collect actionable post-stay feedback with review-style surveys that encourages guests to give feedback about their stay.

Self Service Design

Create, edit, and publish surveys for a hotel or group segment in up to 25 languages.


Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Understand guest satisfaction with the NPS. Then use Revinate Marketing to send relevant emails to promoters and detractors.

Conditional Questions

Use logic to display or hide questions based on guest responses to get the relevant and detailed feedback you need.

Segmented Surveys

Send custom surveys to different audiences by building guest segments based on any PMS or contact list field.

increased ranking on TripAdvisor by Revinate Surveys customers

“Being on the first page on TripAdvisor has huge benefits to our direct bookings. Revinate is the best decision I've made for this hotel so far.”

- Phillip Lategan, General Manager, Morning Star Express Hotel

Improve Guest Satisfaction

with Full Feedback Reporting

Integrate Surveys wi th Revinate Reputation into one customizable dashboard to get a complete picture of your guest feedback.


Sentiment Analysis

Identify areas for operational improvements by discovering what guests like and dislike about your hotel through the analysis of hundreds of topics.

Results & Performance

Get a full breakdown of your survey performance including response rate, email statistics, review volume, and rankings.

Department Scores

Monitor how each department is performing, spot trends, and set alerts to improve guest satisfaction across all areas.

Boost Reviews & Rankings

With TripAdvisor & Google Publishing

Boost your rankings with a steady stream of fresh reviews published to TripAdvisor and Google after guests complete their surveys.

increase in new review volume on TripAdvisor seen by Revinate Surveys customers


Automated Responses

Send automated follow-up and thank you emails to increase completion rate show gratitude for the feedback.

Mobile Responsive

Make it easy for guests to provide feedback with mobile optimized emails and surveys that render well on any device.

“Owning the guest experience is at the core of everything. I don't believe you can be 100% perfect, but we have to know our business and know our guests so well that we never let someone fall through the cracks with an unhappy.”

- Jamie Fox, Director of Rooms, Hotel Emma