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6 Ways to Support Operations with Email Marketing

As a hotel operator, you are always looking for ways in which you can meaningfully connect with your guests. This can often feel like a daunting task with such limited staff and resources.  Email marketing however makes it easy. When you integrate your property management system with an email marketing solution to send automated ‘set and forget’ campaigns, you can strengthen guest relationships and set the tone for an unforgettable visit. So don’t let the word “marketing” fool you.  Email marketing is for operators.

Keep reading for 6 easy and proven methods you’ll be implementing into your operational strategy soon.


Pre-Arrival Upsells and Upgrades

As the excitement builds for your guests’ upcoming trips, use this to your advantage. Establish the tone of their stay by promoting upgrades, amenities, and destination activities. Email marketing lets you share these revenue-driving opportunities easily while your guests are already excited and ready to maximize their experience. Expand your average open rate from 57% to over 60% by including “upgrade” in your email subject.


On-Property Welcome Letter

When guests step foot onto your property, they are yours for the taking. Deliver personalized messages with automated Welcome Letters to make their first moments memorable, and this success is proven by a 48% open rate. In the same email, share management contact details to alleviate potential negative reviews and special offers on amenities. Making sure guests have these details from the start will give them an easy reference should they need it during their stay. Make these emails even more effective by incorporating one-time campaigns about offers of limited availability and time, and depending on the amenity, open rates start at 43% and can reach 62%.


Weekly Incoming Guest Newsletter

It’s important to regularly schedule emails to share information about events being held at the property each week. This serves as easy, consistent content generation since you can update the same template and segmenting emails by check-in dates will target your audience even further. It’s likely that you’ll see an average open rate of 46% with this guest newsletter.


Operational Announcements

One of the best ways to make unplanned operational announcements is to send one-time announcement emails. When you have to prepare your guests for pool closures, changes in amenity and service hours, road detour details, or special events, sending all the details directly to their device is the best way to share information quickly and effectively. These emails see a 50% open rate since they include important information that can improve guests’ stays.


Promoters and Detractors

Consider using survey results to generate automated emails for both detractors and promoters to improve experiences for everyone. Whether you want to encourage the sharing of positive reviews on TripAdvisor and Google+ or offer discounted rates to make things right after an unsatisfactory experience, both types of emails can easily be designed with the right goals. 62% of satisfied guests will open an email requesting a review, and 72% of guests open emails that offer a solution after an underwhelming visit.


Internal Staff Newsletter

Create a monthly staff newsletter to streamline communication with employees and share information about team building events, contests, employee discounts, and more. When you promote a positive work life and are transparent with your staff, you’re ultimately working towards creating a better guest experience overall. Happy employees make for a happier stay. 31% of employees open these emails, proving that there is interest in company news and events.


It is important to note that marketing tactics can be employed beyond their usual practices. Their advantages can improve hotel operations across various stages of guest interaction as well internally for improved company communication. These practices are just some of the many ways email marketing can support operations, so learn more by reading about Revinate hotel email marketing automation software.