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Mission Control for Groups

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When Revinate launched its first product for online reputation management a decade ago, it helped individual hotels aggregate and analyze their online reviews. Shortly thereafter, we launched functionality for hotel brands and portfolios, called corporate reporting. This functionality allowed groups to track the performance of their hotels in one place, understand who their top performers were and where there was opportunity for growth. 

As more and more groups adopted Revinate and raved about the ability to see data from all their hotels in one place, we realized we found our sweet spot. Brands and management companies were using corporate reporting to set KPIs and determine aspects of management bonuses. Our dashboards became central to weekly GM meetings around the globe because it enabled groups to easily standardize reporting, manage and scale success and share best practices across the entire portfolio.

With this validation, we made it a priority to deliver the best product for portfolios of any size. Over the years, as we introduced more products and technology, we held firmly to the belief that groups need a line of sight – a mission control – into their hotels’ data and performance so that they can understand what’s happening across the portfolio. 

Our most exciting offering for brands and portfolios is the Guest Data Platform, which brings together all hotels’ performance data across guest feedback and guest marketing into one platform. As a result, corporate leaders don’t have to attempt the impossible task of integrating different data from different systems to try to make sense of it. That’s an unwieldy nightmare and a huge suck on resources. But as technologists and data lovers, it’s where we excel.

We provide brands and management companies with these three game changing views into their data:

  1. Marketing Dashboard – Campaign and revenue performance insights to see how guests are engaging with campaigns at each property.
  2. Guest Feedback Dashboard – Customizable to include the metrics that matter the most to you, which can be used at the property and corporate level to track success around online reviews and guest surveys.
  3. Database Insights – Easily see the health of a hotel’s database and get a portfolio-wide view of guests, thus enabling better marketing and operating decisions.

Here’s how brands and portfolios that use Revinate benefit from our mission control features:

Easy to Standardize:

Revinate provides a consistent platform across your portfolio, ensuring that the data, data formatting, tools, controls, reporting and metrics are all uniform. As a result, it is easier to manage and run a large portfolio at scale. With a brand-wide database, groups can see best/ most valuable guests across the entire brand, and easily cross-market to them. 

With the Guest Data Platform, groups have one single view of each guest, containing the four primary guest data sources most hoteliers are looking to combine into a single view: 

  1. PMS data
  2. Guest preferences data
  3. Data about guests’ marketing and purchase behavior
  4. Guest feedback data 

Revinate has deep PMS integrations with over 60 PMSs globally, and the Guest Data Platform natively captures and stitches together the other guest data information into an accurate and actionable 360 degree view of the guest. All of this data “auto-magically” appends to the profile. The richer the profile, the more granular the personalization can be, driving better conversions and results.

Easy to Launch:

Revinate understands the tax of implementing and launching new technology and knows many companies make promises they can’t keep. Revinate is different. We spend extra time and effort to make sure our software, in conjunction with our expert service team, can launch customers quickly. Revinate is easy to deploy and intuitive for any user, meaning that hotels are up and running fast, ensuring that you can experience the value and returns of our platform as quickly as possible.

Easy to Manage:

Unlike other software solutions that require IT support to manage, Revinate is cloud-based and requires no technical oversight, freeing up your IT resources to focus on other, revenue generating projects. Clear permissions-based roles ensure that the right people have access to the data. And, a separate view for HQ provides just the right amount of reporting and oversight.

Also, our reporting allows groups to easily manage down to any property, while managing up to owners and management with comprehensive and automated reports that show the results of the full portfolio, and any hotel in it, as a stack-ranking across any key metric. This saves an incredible amount of time, and enables teams at all levels to work fluidly on further tuning results and performance together.

Easy to Optimize: 

Hotels can’t improve if they don’t have performance data. Revinate truly is a data company with a proven ability to bring together disparate data to enable actionable reporting and insights. 

With consistent views and metrics across a Group, you can quickly see the properties and campaigns (eg offers, upsells and upgrades) are performing the best. These insights and best practices can be shared with other hotels in the portfolio to drive better results. Further, the reporting and analysis tools available from Revinate make it easy to identify your best opportunities to yield the best profits and lifetime value of your guests.

Easy to Scale:

Because Revinate is a cloud-based, modern and secure platform, hotels can focus on what they do best – managing guests – and leave the technology maintenance and upkeep to the experts. 

Being cloud-based means we can handle data in higher volumes so we’re able to scale and grow alongside your business. You might be running 20 hotels today, but the plan calls for 50, 100 or 200 tomorrow. You need to know that your core guest data platform can not only technically scale to meet these needs, but that incremental hotels are easy and fast to launch and you will have full visibility across all assets’ performance.

Being cloud-based allows us to feed all of your data across your entire portfolio, including your guest feedback and marketing communications, into the cloud to create rich data profiles. This gives you complete visibility across your entire database. It allows us to tap into the type of processing power necessary to use machine learning to power highly sophisticated profile synthesis methods that help insure our customers have the very cleanest, comprehensive and actionable data.profile synthesis. It allows us to have better API-based connectivity to other systems to help you integrate with all of the tools you use. In other words, it allows us to do all the fancy things we’re loved for.

Ready to learn more about our functionality for brands and management groups? Want to know how to be a hero within your organization by solving your data problem once and for all so it can be used to drive revenue? Reach out. We would love to discuss how we can help you meet your business objectives.

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