Multi-Hotel - Revinate

Scale efforts across all your hotels

Know, Delight, and Earn your guests with Hotel CRM, Guest Feedback and Marketing.

Hotel CRM

Know every guest, at every hotel

Fully understand your guests through group-level Rich Guest Profiles and Insights.

100M+ Rich Guest Profiles under management

“Revinate's multi-property functionality makes combining hotel databases and creating guests segments across the portfolio a breeze. By doing so, we're able to get a clear picture of exactly who our guests are...”

- Chad Valanzola, Salt Hotels

Combine guest data into a single view

Gain a deeper understanding of your guests by combining profiles across all hotels.

See survey results across your brand

Sync guest feedback history across your hotels for a complete view of every guest.

Spot patterns for better targeting

Get a rolled up view of your hotel guests' stay history to identify ways to segment your database.

Personalize the guest experience at every hotel

Give your guests a personalized experience no matter where they stay by unifying their preferences into one centralized account.

Multiple PMSs, one CRM

Get a complete understanding of your guests by integrating data from different PMSs into one place.

Always know the metrics that matter

See at-a-glance your portfolio's marketing performance every time you login with the Group Dashboard.

Group Marketing

Manage your group's email marketing from one place

Create, send and track email marketing campaigns from one centralized account.

3X Email has 3x higher conversion rates than social media, with a 17% higher value in the conversion compared to social media.

“I love how I can send emails from the parent umbrella company or from the individual property. As someone who does this all for a hotel group, it’s made my life so much easier.”

- Irene Pallais, Area Director of Marketing, NEW ORLEANS HOTEL COLLECTION

Send promotional campaigns at the brand level

Get creative with your one-time sends, from seasonal offers to flash sales to newsletters.

Work smarter with email automation

Automate the guest journey with drip campaigns that run in the background.

Bring your brand to life

Standardize your brand with functionality that makes it easy to lock in your look and feel.

Share email templates

Build templates once at corporate and share them across all hotels for better brand management.

Track and compare hotel performance

Understand which of your properties are underperforming and make adjustments to ensure all meet your expectations.

Know the full value of your email marketing

See your email marketing attribution across all hotels and drill down into individual activities.

Guide to Hotel Loyalty

Download your copy today and learn how to successfuly navigate the modern loyalty landscape for your hotel.

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Guest Feedback

Monitor guest satisfaction across your portfolio

Compare and track how each of your hotels is performing when you bring together guest feedback from all your properties.

3X 3x average increase in review volume by Revinate Guest Feedback customers

“Revinate makes it easy to monitor and respond to all of our surveys and reviews. Their analytical tools allow us to improve upon our hospitality and guest services based on the feedback we receive directly from our guests.”

- Laura Elwyn, Guest Experience Manager, 21C Hotels

Rank your hotels

Find out which hotels are thriving and which are underperforming with hotel ranking reports.

Improve guest satisfaction across all departments

Drill down by hotel department to see how well each is performing and if they are hitting their goals.

Track progress over time

See how well your hotels are progressing by tracking increases in response rates, rankings, and guest sentiment.

See what needs improvement

Analyze hundreds of data points to discover what guests like and dislike about your hotels.

See what matters most to you

Build custom dashboards to display group-wide metrics that are most relevant to your role.

Resolve issues quickly

Set corporate-level notifications and real-time alerts based on review site, rating, or topic.

Keep tabs on user activity

Monitor how well and how often users are engaging with the platform.