Understand your guests across all of your hotels

Grow your business across all your properties with Hotel CRM, Marketing, and Guest Feedback solutions.

Hotel CRM

Understand Guests Across All Your Hotels

Build deeper relationships with guests across all your hotels by collecting guest feedback and other data is a single place to better understand and market to them.

74M+ Rich Guest Profiles under management

“Revinate's multi-property functionality makes combining hotel databases and creating guests segments across the portfolio a breeze. By doing so, we're able to get a clear picture of exactly who our guests are, allowing us to personalize our marketing communications and make sure that every guest is getting a message that is right for them.”

- Chad Valanzola, Salt Hotels

Multi-Hotel Profiles

Gain a deeper understanding of your guests by combining profiles across multiple hotels.

Cross-Hotel Surveys

Sync guest feedback history across all your hotels for a complete view of every one of your guests.

Multi-Hotel Insights

Make better marketing decisions based on top booking channels, segments, locations, and more across all of your hotels’ PMS data.

Cross-Hotel Preferences

Give your guests the best experience by unifying their preferences across all of your hotels.

Multi-Hotel PMS Data

Get a complete understanding of your guests by aggregating data from different PMS systems across multiple hotels.

Group Dashboard

Check key Multi-Hotel stats at a glance to see current campaign status, revenue generated, upcoming arrivals, and room activity per property.

Group Marketing

Personalize Communication from the top down with Multi-Hotel marketing

Create effective marketing and ensure a unified brand voice across all of your hotels with a robust marketing platform that drives ROI through engagement and uspells.

3X higher conversion rates with email compared to social media, with a 17% higher value in the conversion compared to social media.

“Revinate Marketing’s group functionality allows me to tap into the email databases of the individual hotels, where I can then combine them or leave them separate. I love how I can send emails from the parent umbrella company or from the individual property. As someone who does this all for a hotel group, it’s made my life so much easier.”

- Irene Pallais, New Orleans Hotel

Multi-Hotel One-Time Campaigns

Make it simple to send emails for multiple hotels at the same time by managing from the group level.

Multi-Hotel Automated Campaigns

Effortlessly scale your automated campaigns by creating and sending them across multiple hotels.

Corporate Branding

Standardize your brand across all of your hotels, centralizing styles available to users building campaigns, auto-populating logos, and creating upsell landing pages.

Multi-Hotel Template Management

Save time and ensure standardization across your hotels by creating templates at the group level and sharing them down to the properties to use.

Hotel Rankings Report

Understand all of your hotels at a glance. See how each one is performing, track campaign send activity, room nights and revenue generated, and email performance.

Multi-Hotel Attribution

See complete marketing attribution across all hotels and drill down into individual activities.

Guide to Hotel Loyalty

Download your copy today and learn how to successfuly navigate the modern loyalty landscape for your hotel.

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Guest Feedback

Track Guest Satisfaction across all of your hotels

Better understand how each of your hotels is performing through reports on guest satisfaction by department, sentiment analysis, review response time and more.

3X Average Increase in review volume with Revinate Guest Feedback

“Revinate makes it easy to monitor and respond to all of our surveys and reviews. Their analytical tools allow us to improve upon our hospitality and guest services based on the feedback we receive directly from our guests. Revinate’s training materials are impressively thorough and so is their support team.”

- Laura Elwyn, Guest Experience Manager, 21C Hotels

Hotel Rankings Report

Find out which hotels are thriving and which are underperforming with reports on guest satisfaction by department, sentiment analysis, review response time and other metrics.

Department Scores

Improve guest satisfaction across all teams by monitoring how different departments are performing on particular topics and across multiple hotels to spot trends, and set alerts.

Corporate Scorecard

Optimize your hotels by comparing each one’s progress over time in areas like response rate, ranking, and guest sentiment.

Sentiment Analysis

Improve operations across all of your hotels by analyzing hundreds of data points to discover what guests like and dislike about your hotels.

Corporate Dashboard

See key Multi-Hotel metrics at a glance, including how each hotel is performing, top reviews sites, change over time, property ranking and more.

Corporate Level Alerts

Increase staff response time and resolution across multiple hotels by setting corporate-level notifications and real-time alerts based on review site, rating, or topic.

User Activity Reports

Ensure hotels and users engage with Revinate by viewing last session visit, number of visits, and activity for Guest Feedback.