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Revinate’s Kelly Robb Joins Expert Discussion on the Data Dilemma Hoteliers Face

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For their January/February issue, Hotelier Magazine asked Revinate’s Kelly Robb, our head of Marketing and Growth, to join an expert discussion on “The Data Dilemma”— understanding how hotels can use guest data to drive revenue and guest satisfaction while keeping that data secure. Luckily, here at Revinate, we’re experts! 

It’s an excellent read for any hotelier who wants to effectively use the data they already have. The panel includes some of the brightest minds in the industry, including Jessica Conant, VP of Revenue Management, Canada for Marriott International; Brian Lean, President of Choice Hotels; Ali Moloo, CEO and Founder of myDigitalOffice; and our own Kelly Robb.

Here are a few key takeaways:

1. One size fits none

“Too many hoteliers are still blasting offers that are generic and/or irrelevant to the majority of their database. In reality, one size fits none,” says Robb. “Travellers today are savvy and sophisticated. They expect their favorite hotels to understand who they are and what their preferences are. Every communication should feel customized — like it was created just for them.“

This customization doesn’t have to be difficult. Using a solution like Revinate Marketing that can help you segment your database into discrete groups (think: first time stays, VIPs, spa-goers, etc.) and send the right message to the right person can make this process very easy for any hotelier.

2. Data drives operational efficiencies

“To increase operational efficiencies, hotels should use their review and survey data to find out how to improve on-property experiences and increase guest satisfaction,” Robb said. “With the right guest feedback platform, hotels can streamline the working process and set up automatic alerts and notifications, so a negative review always gets responded to.”

Data doesn’t stop with marketing. Collecting and synthesizing guest feedback data: from post-stay surveys, online reviews, etc., can give you valuable insight into which areas your hotel are excelling at and which may need improvement. 

3. The importance of data security

In the age of repeated data breaches, companies should place security as a top concern. Revinate is no exception. “Data security is a  top priority at Revinate,” says Robb. “For example, we recently migrated to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to utilize its extensive security resources to further protect our data. We also use encryption and hashing where necessary and utilize a third-party company to run penetrations test on a regular basis.”

You can read the interview in full at Hotelier Magazine.


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