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How Twin Farms leverages data to regularly engage its loyal guests and drive direct revenue

HOTEL TYPE: Independent

SOLUTIONS USED: Revinate Marketing, Reservation Sales

REGION: North America


Drive repeat business.


Regular guest engagement.


$11M in lifetime revenue.

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Meet the customer

“I am grateful for the support we receive from Revinate. Between quarterly reviews, the annual conference and check-ins from our account manager, Revinate is always sharing best practices and helping us improve our performance. It’s a true partnership.”

Andy Luersen
Twin Farms Marketing Consultant

The brand

Nestled in 300 acres of pristine Vermont countryside, Twin Farms is located in bucolic Barnard, Vermont, about 90 minutes from Burlington, three hours from Boston, or five from New York City. Twin Farms Stays are reserved for adults only and are inclusive of all meals, fine wines and spirits, as well as all activities and equipment. Forbes Travel Guide has awarded the hotel 5 stars 29 years in a row.

The challenge

Before implementing Revinate Marketing and Reservation Sales, Twin Farms faced several challenges. With shorter booking windows becoming prevalent in the industry, the hotel needed to capitalize on driving demand within shorter time frames, requiring a shift towards more current and seasonal messaging.

The heightened competition in the luxury segment meant that Twin Farms had to differentiate its offerings by emphasizing its unique experience and value proposition to attract discerning guests.

Furthermore, the increasing relevance and expectation of personalization in guest interactions highlighted the need for improvement in the hotel’s CRM strategy, particularly in leveraging first-party data for better campaign segmentation and content personalization. These challenges drove Twin Farms to enhance its marketing and reservation sales efforts to stay competitive and maintain its position as a premier luxury destination.

The solution

Revinate addressed the challenges faced by Twin Farms by providing a comprehensive solution for guest marketing and sales that exceeds the expectations of discerning guests.

With Revinate Marketing, Twin Farms maintains a consistent email communication cadence, which is crucial for driving demand within shorter booking windows. The platform enables the hotel to differentiate its product and service by creating personalized and relevant content, often at the direction of Managing Director John Graham, who has a great sense for what will resonate with guests. The campaigns leverage first-party data for effective campaign segmentation and personalization, driving great results. For example, a one-time campaign targeted at warm leads drove a 30% open rate and 3% CTR, resulting in $16k in revenue.

With Revinate’s revenue and click-tracking capabilities, Twin Farms can measure the success of its marketing efforts, informing future strategies and ensuring a tangible return on investment. Integration with the property management system (PMS) streamlines operations, while the on-brand look and feel of Revinate Marketing emails provide a cohesive and professional presentation to guests.

By automating email campaigns, Twin Farms can efficiently engage with guests while freeing up valuable staff time to focus on delivering exceptional service. A fully automated 24-hour pre-departure email (featured right) had an 80% open rate and 18% CTR, driving 57 room nights and $169k in just a few months. Similarly, an automated shopping cart abandonment campaign received a 77% open rate, 8% CTR and drove $174k in direct revenue to date.

Finally, with Reservation Sales, the hotel can effectively close sales when potential guests call after seeing an email. In addition to providing visibility into guest history and campaign engagement, Reservation Sales allows Reservations Manager Randi Bartles to track performance and continuously develop the team with data-based coaching.

The results

Twin Farms maintains a highly-engaged audience due to exceptional service, which drives brand loyalty. When guests aren’t onsite, Revinate Marketing and Reservation Sales ensure that guests continue to experience high levels of service and personalization, solidifying Twin Farms’ position as a premier luxury destination.

Revinate performance highlights include:

  • Lifetime revenue: $11M
  • Email health: 84%
  • Average open rate: 50% per campaign
  • Average room revenue: $155K per campaign

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