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Mr. C Miami’s focus on personalization drives $5M in revenue thanks to Revinate Marketing and Dragonfly Strategists


SOLUTIONS USED: Revinate Marketing

REGION: North America


Drive direct bookings.


Personalized guest communications.


$5M in lifetime revenue.

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Meet the customer

“With Dragonfly and Revinate Marketing, we’ve streamlined the personalization of our transactional and email campaigns, reducing client confusion and boosting trust with our travel partners.”

Claudia Marulanda
Director of Sales & Marketing, Mr. C Miami – Coconut Grove

The brand

In the heart of historic Coconut Grove, one of Miami’s most idyllic neighborhoods, lies Mr. C Miami, a luxury hotel that marries contemporary comforts with personalized, discreet service. The rooms and suites reflect a harmonious blend of modern amenities and classic elegance. Each space is crafted to offer guests a tranquil retreat, complete with plush furnishings and panoramic views of the stunning Biscayne Bay and the dynamic Coconut Grove skyline. The brand was conceived by Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani of the Cipriani family, internationally renowned for their restaurants, innovative event spaces, nightlife, and residences. Behind the hotel’s success is a world-class team and Dragonfly Strategists, a trusted partner in marketing services, wielding the power of Revinate Marketing for industry leading hotel email marketing solution and guest database.

The challenge

The marketing team at Mr. C Miami grappled with the daunting task of personalizing guest communication, especially email confirmation messages, which needed to align to a wide array of rates and negotiated accounts. This challenge posed logistical hurdles and also hindered the hotel’s ability to provide personalized communication, crucial for enhancing guest experiences and nurturing trust with travel partners. So, Mr. C Miami turned to Dragonfly Strategists, their trusted agency partner known for their efficiency and collaborative nature to help solve the problem.

The solution

With deep experience in hospitality technology, Dragonfly immediately knew that Revinate Marketing was not only capable of solving Mr. C Miami’s email personalization challenge, but could also drive significant direct revenue through one-time and automated campaigns, like pre-arrival emails that include personalized recommendations to promote wellness, and OTA winbacks (featured right) to drive future direct revenue.

Leveraging Revinate Marketing’s advanced features, such as dynamic fields, to accommodate various policies, custom confirmations for consortia, and improved visualization options, Dragonfly embarked on a journey to transform Mr. C’s marketing strategy. Dragonfly pushed the limits of the dynamic fields, a brand new Revinate feature at the time, allowing Mr. C Miami to reach the highest level of personalization while providing meaningful testing and feedback to Revinate, fostering a collaborative partnership aimed at continuous improvement.

Revinate Marketing’s flexible campaign build options empowered Dragonfly to craft campaigns with precision, mixing and matching HTML, text boxes, and image boxes to ensure standardized footers and seamless communication across all channels. This flexibility not only streamlined the campaign creation process but also enabled Mr. C Miami to deliver captivating content tailored to the preferences of their diverse audience.

With Dragonfly’s expertise guiding the way, Mr. C Miami harnessed the full potential of Revinate Marketing to enhance personalization, accelerate campaign deployment, and drive direct bookings, ultimately propelling the hotel towards unparalleled success in the competitive hospitality landscape.

The results

The results speak volumes for both the power of personalization and marketing automation: Mr. C Miami witnessed remarkable improvements across key performance indicators. Database health soared to 76% year-to-date in 2024, with an all-time lifetime revenue surpassing $5 million. Average open rates surged to 39%, accompanied by an impressive average click-through rate of 1.4%. Campaigns powered by Revinate Marketing yielded an average revenue of $116K per campaign, a stark contrast to the $3K average with previous providers. Each campaign saw an average of 242 room nights booked, showcasing the tangible impact of Dragonfly’s partnership and Revinate’s capabilities.

In a competitive industry where personalized service and targeted marketing reign supreme, Mr. C Miami stands stronger and more competitive than ever, thanks to the innovative solutions provided by Dragonfly Strategists and Revinate Marketing. Their collaborative efforts continue to shape the hotel’s success story, one guest experience at a time.

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