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How Revinate Marketing unlocked 40x ROI in revenue at Noble House


SOLUTIONS USED: Revinate Marketing

REGION: North America


Scale direct revenue across the portfolio


Launch a cross-property campaign strategy and use hyper-targeting to optimize campaign results


$17k per campaign and 40X ROI

The brand

Noble House, a collection of 18 diverse properties across North America, has been a Revinate customer for a decade, using Revinate Guest Feedback to manage online reviews and guest surveys, Cart Abandonment to convert unbooked Web visitors and Revinate Reservation Sales, RezForce and Lifecycle to nurture leads, coach agents and drive revenue on the voice channel. In March of 2019, the group added Revinate Marketing to its toolset, excited by the opportunity to unify all the data across the entire portfolio. Little did they know at the time of purchase that Revinate would soon become their most powerful driver of direct revenue.

The challenge

Not unlike other portfolios, Noble House struggled with siloed data. With a variety of PMSs and platforms in use across the hotels, guest data was not only spread out, but it was virtually inaccessible. There was no way to get a single view of guests at one property, let alone at the brand level. Additionally, the solution they were actively using was not dynamic or effective and required a great deal of time on Noble House’s end to evaluate static audience segments and reporting that would quickly become outdated and/or incorrect.

This was a problem for Renee Herron, Noble House’s Director of Marketing. She knew that to drive significant direct revenue, she was going to need a more modern solution. She needed one guest database across the brand, the ability to segment guests in real time, an easy-to-use platform so campaigns could be sent by property-level or HQ and dynamic reporting that would drive insight and friendly competition across the hotels. She found everything she was looking for, and more, with Revinate’s Direct Booking Platform.

The solution

Covid-19 was beginning to spread as Noble House rolled out Revinate. After a short two month implementation during which Revinate brought together all the disparate data sources, Renee had the single database she never thought was possible. Best of all, thanks to Revinate’s Advanced Profile Synthesis, it was populated with clean data from every platform across the portfolio, including outlets. With the future of travel up in the air, Noble House cut all marketing spend and focused exclusively on running campaigns via Revinate.

They used Revinate’s Direct Booking Platform’s design tools to build beautifully branded templates for the group, along with the properties and outlets. Getting the design right was important for the team, because with one source of data they were finally able to cross-sell their guests. Since properties were, for the first time, sharing guests across the brand, they wanted all property emails to feel part of the family and familiar, but also have their own unique personalities. This objective was easy to accomplish with Revinate, since it’s built for groups.

With templates complete, they dove into the guest data. They became advanced users of the segment builder, which allows them to sort guests by any field in the PMS. They began sending campaigns and learning from Revinate’s real time results dashboard. Renee says, “Having real time results is such a game-changer. I can not only see how campaigns are performing and where people are clicking, but I can compare the results to other campaigns. With these insights, I can optimize my performance to ensure I’m sending the right message to the right guest at the right time.”

The results

Today, Noble House is sending 5 campaigns a month for each property. Performance is continually improving as hotels work collaboratively, compare results and share best practices. Some campaigns, such as ‘Powder Alerts’ for a mountain resort, see open rates as high as 30% because they are targeted to just the right user at just the right time. By segmenting value-conscious guests versus guests that book higher ADR rooms, they’re able to drive booking volume or higher ADR, depending on the promotion and need. The average campaign drives $17k in revenue, making Revinate the most cost effective platform for the brand.

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