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In this report, you will find an in-depth analysis of more than 634 million emails sent from Revinate customers across the globe. This report will help you better understand your database, segmentation, campaign performance, upsells and upgrades, when to send, and more.

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2021 Review

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2021 Year in Review

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Industry reports tell us that 91% of travelers plan on traveling within the next six months. 

Many consumers have been dreaming of that "big getaway" and having been saving their travel money for almost 24 months. Where they go and what they do will not be taken lightly

 We’re confident this benchmark will help provide hoteliers with not only the insights they need to make effective decisions for email marketing, but also across all direct booking campaigns.


Listen to trends and facts shared by our team in Amsterdam that can help you shape your marketing strategy in 2022.

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"The most successful campaigns were hyper-targeted and aimed at specific guest segments -- a strategy proven to perform in both difficult times, as well as when demand is strong"
Raj Singh

CMO @ Revinate