In this report, you will find an in-depth analysis of more than 77 million emails sent from Revinate Marketing customers in EMEA, North America, and the Asia Pacific region. This report helps you to better understand your database, segmentation, campaign performance, upsells and upgrades, when to send, and more.


Our analysis of our customer data shows that segmentation drives a 20% higher open rate, a 70% higher click-through rate (CTR), and 73% higher revenue per recipient than non-segmented campaigns.

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Are your segments performing as well as those of your peers? Compare your results against hotels in your region with our data-backed report.

Welcome emails sent to guests upon check-in get an average open rate of 50% and also have an average click-through rate of 13%



How many days does it take a guest to book after receiving an email, on average? Our report provides a detailed breakdown of every campaign performance.


-Hospitality Marketing Strategy Team, Revinate
"Revinate has been an essential component of our success in driving rate and RevPAR. From its easy of use, to the segmentation capabilities, it has helped us reach our guests directly in a way that was not possible before.”
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Challenges for Hoteliers, the Status of Email Marketing, Email Marketing Objectives,  Finding Email Opportunities, Guest Journey Lifecycle, Segmention & Targeting, Subject Lines, Color Usage, Links, Social Proof, Call-to-Actions, A/B Testing, Link Tracking, Revenue Tracking, and more!

Hotel Email Marketing

See how you stack up in today's market on topics like campaign performance, database size, and more.

Hotel Benchmarking

Gain actionable industry insights to transform your email campaigns and drive more revenue immediately.

Actionable Insights

Industry & Region Specific

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Benchmark Report

Download the report today to benchmark your hotel and uncover the hospitality insights you need for smarter email marketing


Gain a meaningful perspective with data extracted from real hotel emails in 2018 segmented by region.

"We’re excited to provide hotels with the first Email Marketing Benchmark report with all the insights and knowledge they need in 2018"

2018 Benchmark Report

Hotel Email Marketing

Hotel Email Marketing

2018 Benchmark Report

Download our inaugural Global Hotel Email Marketing Benchmark Report today to uncover key trends and best practices for smarter email marketing.