Know your guests with the Revinate CRM

Better understand your guests with vibrant Rich Guest Profiles and data-driven Insights.

Rich Guest Profiles

Centralize Guest Data

Intelligently associate Property Management System (PMS) data to aggregate guest data in one platform and create complete guest profiles.

74M+ Rich Guest Profiles under management

“The key to our success is segmentation, Revinate allows us to deep dive into our data and get a better understanding of our customer segments.”

- Aulia Fraquelli, Digital Marketing Manager, Royal Plaza on Scotts

PMS Data Integration

Take control of guest data by combining your existing Property Management System with Revinate to create full guest profiles.

Rich Guest Profiles

Know your guests by combining stay history, campaign engagement, post-stay surveys, loyalty, and total lifetime value plus much more into comprehensive guest profiles.

Past Stay History

View guest stay history, including check-in, reservation details, rate, property, marketing engagement results, booking channel, and upsell requests.

Marketing Engagement

Gain insight into each guests’ unique engagement with your email marketing, connecting their response to campaigns sent and received.

Survey History

Easily view past survey results in guest profiles to understand a guest’s overall satisfaction.

Lifetime Guest Loyalty

Identify loyal guests based on lifetime spend, number of stays, booking channel, and NPS score to segment and deliver personalized campaigns that drive and reward loyalty.

Guest Preferences

Capture guests’ interests before they arrive to deliver personalized experiences, communications and build more robust rich guest profiles.

Smart Segmentation

Build dynamic guest segments to send targeted emails based on guest profile data, surveys, booking channel, and campaign engagement.

Hotel Email Marketing 2019 Benchmark Report

Download the report today to get actionable insights you need to improve your email marketing and benchmark your success.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage your rich guest data to make better marketing and operational decisions based on a more informed understanding of your guests.

94% of hotels on Revinate Marketing generate over 100% ROI

“Not only is the product elegant and easy to use, but there is so much content available that allows me to market with confidence.”

- Sarah Aitken, Tropica Island Resort Fiji

Arrivals Report

Make check-ins more personal and actionable with a fully-customizable daily email of arriving guests’ preferences, stay history, previous NPS score, upsell requests, and more.

PMS Data Integration

Seamlessly ingest guest data from your existing Property Management System (PMS) into Revinate’s powerful hotel CRM. Revinate proudly partners with more than 40 PMSs.

Database Insights

Leverage your PMS data to gain powerful, real-time insights into your guests so you can make better marketing and operating decisions.

Database Coverage / Health

Monitor deliverability, sender reputation, database health based on email coverage and other key metrics for your guest database over time.

Booking Channels

Discover what channels are most profitable and convert the most so you can focus your marketing efforts accordingly.

Geography Locations

Create localized campaigns by better understanding which countries, regions, and cities are your top performers.

Reservation Insights

Boost campaign performance by understanding how far in advance guests book, how long they stay, seasonal trends, and lifetime stays.

Get a more complete picture of your guests with Guest Feedback

Guest feedback allows you to send post-stay surveys to collect valuable feedback on your hotel’s operations, segment surveys so you’re sure to ask the right questions to the right guests, and automate the email follow-up to save you time.

Use your CRM to drive more direct bookings

Revinate Marketing allows you to turn your guest data into revenue. Segment and target your potential guests and send them personalized communication that resonates with them and drives direct bookings. Then, review your success with campaign & revenue reporting.

Know your guests across all of your properties

The Revinate Hotel CRM allows you to create multi-hotel profiles, synthesizing guest data from across all your properties to give you a complete picture of your business—even if your hotels are on different PMSs. Then, draw out portfolio insights that will help you take all of your hotels to the next level.