[Infographic] Hotel Email Marketing 101: The Anatomy of a Successful Email

As 2016 comes to a close, many hoteliers are evaluating options for their 2017 marketing budget allocation. It has become clear that an email marketing strategy is an essential component of getting the highest return on your marketing investment. And, with over 70 percent of Internet users preferring email correspondence with businesses, this marketing channel has proven to be the most effective for customer acquisition, awareness, retention and conversion.

But, part of achieving this peak ROI is not just choosing to invest in email marketing, but getting the little details right. How long is your email? The question is, how can hoteliers cut through their guests’ cluttered inboxes to deliver their messages and drive conversions?

The following infographic details some specific items that hoteliers that hoteliers need to get right in order to set each marketing email up for success.

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