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Four Non-Negotiables When Looking for a Hotel CRM

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Every business today is hyper-focused on data to make smarter business decisions. For hoteliers, guest data is one of your most valuable assets because it holds the key to understanding your customers better. When you know your customers, you can market to them in a personalized way that drives bookings and loyalty. In an industry where intermediaries, such as OTAs, take a large cut of profits, managing your own data well can be the difference between success and failure.

But managing guest data isn’t as simple as selecting a database and storing your data. Choosing where your data is housed and accessed is an incredibly important decision, especially today, where every dollar you invest needs to pay back a multiple. Here are four things you need to think about when assessing CRM solutions:

PMS Integration

Today, virtually no technology platform works in a silo. This is especially true in the hospitality industry because data is collected by different systems throughout the guest journey. For a CRM to be effective, it must integrate with the PMS and ingest all the data that is available. The more data that your CRM can ingest, the better your segmentation and personalization will be.

With Revinate, our extensive PMS integrations save you time and money, and ensure you understand your guests, no matter which PMS you use. Revinate currently offers integrations with more than 75 PMSs, ensuring a quick and easy set-up and launch.

Built for Hospitality 

Let’s face it. Hotels are complex. They might operate independently or fly a brand flag. They might be managed by the brand or a management company. All of these HQ constituents need access to the data in a way that makes sense for their particular role. Executives might just need high-level reporting. Email marketers at the property level need access to guest data at the property level. Employees at the group level need a view into all guest profiles across all hotels. 

Only Revinate gives groups a central system that identifies loyal guests and other insights across all hotels in the group. Revinate also provides the permissions and controls necessary to ensure that data is accessible by those that need it but not by those that don’t.

Historical data

Most hotels have been building and managing their guest databases for years. The data might be hard to access or be spread across multiple systems but you definitely don’t want to lose any guest data in the transition to a new CRM. Losing data would set hotels back significantly because they would no longer be able to know their customers and market to them 1:1. 

That’s why Revinate treats your existing guest data with kid gloves. With Revinate, hotels can keep all their historic data and use it to segment campaigns, drive bookings and reward loyalty. 

Profile Synthesis

A huge problem for hoteliers is data dupes, or multiple profiles for the same person. Your CRM should be constantly working to eliminate dupes in an effort to maintain the cleanest database possible. 

Revinate has developed technology to synthesize the existing profiles using machine learning to dedupe and organize the profiles for later use. The result is a database that actually reflects your guests, allowing you to market to them to drive revenue.

Looking to learn more about Revinate’s Hotel CRM, 2019’s Top Rated Email Marketing and CRM Product? Reach out to Revinate’s experts to learn more.

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