Reputation Management for Hoteliers

Revinate Reputation is the best way to consolidate reviews, respond to guests, and boost your rankings online

Listen to Your Guests

Consolidate reviews in real-time, monitor what guests are saying about your hotel, and receive alerts when action is required.

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Respond & Resolve

Reply to online reviews and setup a proper workflow management to resolve operational challenges quickly.

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Improve Guest Satisfaction

Measure hotel performance, compare competitors, and track sentiment to take action and boost your review site rankings.

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Be Informed

By Consolidating Reviews

Seamlessly aggregate online reviews into one dashboard from sites like, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Google to reduce time searching online.


Real-Time Notifications

Set up notifications and real-time alerts based on review site, rating, or topic to increase staff response time and resolution.

Custom Dashboards

Design a single view of the key metrics you care most about to evaluate your online reputation.

Mobile App

Get real-time notifications, reporting, and respond to reviews on the go. Available on iOS and Android.

“Revinate easily saves us 8 hours a week, if not more, by pulling content from thousands of sources into a single location. It easily pays for itself each month in time savings.”

- Lisa Juliot, Social Media Community Manager, Crown Paradise Club

Respond to Reviews

With Proper Workflow Management

Simplify operations with a robust ticketing system to ensure organized responses and fast follow-up across your team.


In-App Responses

Save time by responding to reviews directly within the Revinate platform.

Social Media Monitoring

Link social media accounts to monitor follower engagement and post hotel updates.

of travelers worldwide say that online reviews impact their booking decisions, according to TripAdvisor

“Being on the first page on TripAdvisor has huge benefits to our direct bookings. Revinate is the best decision I've made for this hotel so far.”

- Phillip Lategan, General Manager, Morning Star Express Hotel

Measure Performance

With Scorecard & Performance Metrics

Track your hotel’s progress over time in areas like response rate, ranking, and guest sentiment


Competitive Benchmarking

Keep a close eye on the competition by monitoring your comp set’s ranking, strengths, and weaknesses while comparing your hotel’s own performance.

Sentiment Analysis

Identify areas for operational improvements by discovering what guests like and dislike about your hotel through the analysis of hundreds of topics.

Trends & Comparison

Spot trends by comparing review volume, ratings, and popularity between your hotels and comp set.

of travelers are more likely to book a room with a higher score even if it means paying a higher rate, according to TripAdvisor

“We didn't want a cookie cutter program but rather, something that was unique and tailored to the needs of our guests and teammates.”

- Lyn Aoki, Senior Director of Guest Service & Brand Standards, Aqua-Aston Hospitality