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Abandonment to conversion: How Columbia Hospitality boosted revenue with Revinate


SOLUTIONS USED: Revinate Marketing, Revinate Guest Feedback, Cart Abandonment

REGION: North America


Drive direct revenue.


Focus on automated email campaigns.


$28M in lifetime revenue.

Kirby Pratt Headshot

Meet the customer

“Revenue driven by the Cart Abandonment feature alone pays the Revinate invoice each month.”

Kirby Pratt
Director of Marketing, Central Washington, Columbia Hospitality

The brand

Columbia Hospitality is a leading hospitality solutions provider and management company based in Seattle, Washington. Its growing portfolio includes award-winning hotels and resorts, premier residential communities, restaurants and bars, private and public golf clubs, conference centers, and distinctive venues. Kirby Pratt is responsible for marketing four properties managed by Columbia Hospitality, including The Lodge at St. Edwards Park and Icicle Village Resort in Leavenworth, Washington.

The challenge

With multiple hotels to market, Kirby Pratt’s days are incredibly busy. Promoting the hotels and driving bookings at four distinct properties requires Kirby to be creative but also data driven. Her campaigns often take advantage of the seasons and elements that make the properties unique, like Christmas tree lighting celebrations in Leavenworth, celebrity chefs, or fabulous spas. But the science of campaign building is segmenting the campaigns to get the most engagement. Top of mind for her is always driving the most profitable bookings — those that come directly from the website.

The solution

When Kirby began using Revinate Marketing and Cart Abandonment two years ago, she found an always-on solution for driving direct bookings that dramatically improved her efficiency. She created a host of automated campaigns, including OTA Winback and pre-arrivals, but the one that drove the highest engagement for her properties was Cart Abandonment. At The Lodge at St. Edwards, the emails, sent to guests that abandon their cart, receive an average open rate of 75% and a 12% CTR. This one “set it and forget it” campaign has driven more than 170 room nights.

Kirby also takes advantage of how easy it is to create one-time or drip campaigns in Revinate Marketing. She has had great success with seasonal campaigns, including a NYE offer at The Lodge at St. Edwards Park. Leveraging the segmentation feature in Revinate Marketing, she targeted guests who stayed at the hotel multiple times in 2023 and personalized the offer to speak to those loyal guests. This one-time campaign drove 238 room nights and more than $62K in direct revenue.

The results

Revinate enables Columbia Hospitality to efficiently and cost-effectively drive direct revenue across the four properties that Kirby manages, the group has achieved the following results:

  • Cart Abandonment email open rate: 75%
  • Lifetime revenue: $28M
  • Average room revenue: $10K per campaign

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