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Voice channel success: 3 must-haves for your hotel call center

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It isn’t news that customer service is a top priority for hotels. However, what customer service looks like is shifting.

As much as 73% of customers consider the experience an important factor in their purchasing decisions, yet nearly 1 in 2 customers aren’t satisfied with the service experience they receive.

When you consider phone calls are the top choice to resolve customer service issues and that the majority of people prefer chatting with live customer service agents, you’ll see the value in elevating your hotel call center service standards.

And guests want to book directly with your hotel, so a professional hotel call center truly differentiates your hotel. Not only will you maximize the quality of the guest experience, but you’ll drive revenue as well.

Here we take a deep dive into 3 must-have features of a successful hotel call center.

What you will see here

1. Enhances the guest experience around the clock

Reservations are the beating heart of your business, and the voice channel is a prime source for these. At the same time, hotels are often short-staffed, with team members struggling to stay on top of calls while also working hard to enhance the experiences of on-property guests.

In the face of these challenges, handling reservations can be overwhelming, particularly during peak periods and after normal business hours. Implementing a hotel call center service provides several game-changing benefits for your business.

After-hours convenience

A professional hotel call center eliminates major causes of frustration, and lost revenue opportunities. The last thing you want are missed calls or guests being on hold for extended periods. Call centers operate 24/7/365, so they’re not bound by restrictive business hours or time zone constraints. Even last-minute bookers are quickly connected with a friendly agent who can help them secure their dream suite overlooking the shimmering city lights — no matter when they call.

Effortless multitasking

Imagine your hotel front desk staff rushing to attend to a crowd of eager travelers — but the phones are ringing off the hook! With a hotel call center service, call overflow is instantly diverted to a team of professional agents who start tackling all inquiries. Wait times vanish, questions are answered with expert knowledge, and reservations are made. Guests are left with a glowing impression of a hotel because of the responsive service that went above and beyond to meet their needs.

Foster lasting connections

Advanced hotel call center agents address guest inquiries and complaints with patience, professionalism, and empathy. Agents converse comfortably with guests, connecting with them in ways that enhance the overall guest experience. In addition, they take notes on topics discussed during each call to help improve future interactions with team members and other agents. This builds stronger guest relationships and increases loyalty.

2. Achieves Forbes Travel Guide’s 5-Star certification

In 1958, Mobil, the international oil and gas corporation, began funding a project that paid anonymous assessors to review restaurants, hotels, and spas. Thus, the 5-star rating system and the Mobil Travel Guide were born. Fast-forward to the present day, and that original guide has become the renowned Forbes Travel Guide, the only independent global rating system for luxury hospitality services.

When it comes to choosing a hotel call center service, rest assured that your guests will get top-notch service with a Forbes Travel Guide 5-Star certification-rated center. These call centers achieve the highest scores in 900 objective criteria, including:


A speedy response and helpful demeanor are essential for creating a positive first impression. When guests call in, they get a friendly agent who can quickly provide accurate information and solutions.

And as you interact with guests for the first time, get into the habit of using the guest’s name. Jennifer Lodge, Senior Vice President, Partner Services – The Americas, Forbes Travel Guide says, “The number one most missed standard globally is using the guest name in a natural way, so not overdoing it.”

All of this is part of embracing the responsiveness pillar of the Forbes Five Star standard and connecting with guest as they start their journey.


Guests want to feel they’re speaking with someone who knows your hotel property inside and out. 5-star agents provide expert advice on the local area, and are knowledgeable about hotel services and amenities.


Guests don’t want to spend hours on the phone planning their vacation. So, top-rated agents are quick and efficient, providing a seamless and streamlined experience.


To attain a 5-star rating, offering 24/7/365 service to handle guest inquiries and reservations is a must.

Multilingual support

The hotel call center provides support in multiple languages to accommodate guests from diverse backgrounds, ensuring everyone feels welcome.


Inspectors look for modern, reliable technology solutions that help agents manage reservations and ensure the highest quality guest service.

Revinate’s RezForce Lux call center service is 5-star certified by Forbes Travel Guide. Our solution is meeting the needs of the luxury properties we serve, helping increase property revenue and maintain a 99% booking accuracy rate.

3. Provides revenue-generation training for agents

The average customer service agent isn’t happy in their work, with 1 out of 5 thinking about quitting every week. And unhappy agents often lead to unhappy customers.

But, the right hotel call center helps improve morale and motivate agents by training them to become valued members of your sales team. Well-trained agents are an integral part of your direct booking strategy and generate revenue with outbound sales calls. Agents are also coached in skills that help build and strengthen guest relationships.

From listening to loyalty

Active listening is a crucial skill for agents. When agents learn to put themselves in a guest’s shoes, they tune in to what they’re saying, leaving guests validated and heard. Doing so builds trust and loyalty between hotel and guest, leading to higher guest satisfaction and repeat business.

Rebecca Raz, Director of Luxury Sales Training at The Boca Raton (a Revinate customer) echoed this idea in our webinar, “Achieving and maintaining a Forbes Travel Guide 5-Star rating.” She says:

“If your agents are happy, I can almost guarantee that most of your guests are going to be happy,” Raz underlined the importance of hiring based on personality and seeing potential within people. “I believe within the luxury world you shouldn’t rush anyone… Every day is a great day. So with hiring, training, and consistency, I truly believe that is the key to success, to becoming five stars.”

Personalization pays off

It turns out that 83% of customers are willing to share their personal data if it results in a more personalized experience. Top hotel call center agents master first-party data collection during phone conversations. This information helps personalize current and future conversations by acknowledging special occasions or suggesting activities that align with guest preferences. Guests notice if you go the extra mile to make their stay memorable.

Upgrade your upselling

Personalization is also vital to customized upsell offers. Upselling isn’t just about making more money. The fact is, 67% of your guests expect relevant recommendations for their stays, and are willing to pay more for experiences that matter most to them.

With the right training, hotel call center agents learn to get creative with their sales pitches. Using guest data, they can customize upgrade offers or present additional services to make a guest’s stay even more amazing. For instance, an agent can sweeten the deal and simultaneously boost guest satisfaction by offering an upgrade to a luxurious suite, a sumptuous breakfast in bed, or a rejuvenating spa treatment.

Optimize your voice channel with a hotel call center

The voice channel is critical for improving the guest experience and growing your business. Make the most of it by ensuring your hotel call center has the key features you need to optimize every single call, improve guest satisfaction, and increase profitability.

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