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How Grupo Brisas increased their direct channel revenue 30% YOY


SOLUTIONS USED: Revinate Marketing, Revinate Guest Feedback



Drive direct revenue.


Focus on direct booking channels.


30% increase in direct channel revenue YOY.

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Meet the customer

“Revinate is an incredibly powerful revenue generation solution.”

Luis Estrada
Digital Marketing Manager, Grupo Brisas

The brand

Grupo Brisas is a collection of one-of-a-kind resort hotel experiences developed and managed by the Brisas Group. Named after the famous Las Brisas Acapulco, a mid-century gem that set the tone for jet-setting luxury, each hotel in the collection offers a unique sampling of authentic Mexican spirit. Families enjoy the active adventures in Las Brisas Huatulco, while savvy business travelers pause in the peace of Hacienda Jurica by Brisas. At each of the properties, the service is personal and the hospitality is authentic.

The challenge

The team at Grupo Brisas aspired to provide personalized guest experiences, both on and off property, but didn’t have the technology to support their ambition. Without a robust, hospitality-focused CRM, they didn’t have access to rich guest profiles to leverage for marketing or to ensure a perfect hotel stay.

The solution

In June of 2020, Grupo Brisas consolidated their technology stack and became a Revinate customer. They selected the solution because it is cloud-based, easy to use, and has critical functionality they needed to deploy guest data to drive loyalty and direct bookings. It has since become the backbone of all their marketing initiatives.

The team meets weekly to review guest feedback, celebrating the wins and discussing operational changes based on survey and review feedback. In addition, they pay close attention to Revinate’s Arrivals Report, which includes detailed preference information about who will be checking in so that the staff can provide a personalized stay.

Revinate Marketing has become a critical revenue-generating platform for Digital Marketing Manager Luis Estrada. His marketing campaigns have helped the company dramatically improve direct bookings and engagement. One-time campaigns, such as a “Breakfast Included” promotion, drove a 19% open rate and more than 539 reservations. A campaign for the national holiday drove a sky-high 43% open rate and 94 reservations.

Grupo Brisas also uses automation in Revinate Marketing to drive revenue at critical points in the travel journey. Upsell offers, sent 15 days prior to check-in, encourage guests to make the most of their stay with ancillary amenities and services. Birthday offers not only drive loyalty, but also drive bookings. Luis says, “Revinate reporting has helped me understand the best time to send campaigns to get the best results. As a performance-driven marketer, it’s the most powerful tool in my arsenal.”

The results

In just a few years, Revinate has proved the value of rich guest data for direct marketing and stay personalization. Today, Revinate is the group’s top direct channel and is credited with driving incredible experiences on property, as guests’ preferences are studied and actioned when returning guests check in.

  • Average open rate: 23%
  • Average room nights: 65

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