About Us

Revinators are everywhere

True to the industry we serve, we love to travel, work hard, help others, and make the most of every day. We’re a global team of mountain bikers, surfers, parents, golfers, Star Wars fans, hikers, chefs, and football fans (both kinds!) who are connected by a #OneRevinate spirit.

You might find us in California, Oregon, London, Singapore, Amsterdam, or Barcelona — or wherever the world takes us — working across time zones and countries to delight our customers as they delight their guests.

What’s your passion? We’d love to bring it to our team.

worldwide implementations
international offices
Revinators worldwide
Worldwide implementations
International offices
Revinators worldwide

Leadership team

The team that has the vision, talent, and experience to take Revinate on a transformation journey.

Headshot of Marc Heyneker
Marc Heyneker
Co-Founder, CEO
Headshot of Dan Hang
Dan Hang
President, COO
Headshot of Gary Lawrence
Gary Lawrence
Chief Financial Officer
Headshot of Karen Stephens
Karen Stephens
Chief Revenue Officer
Headshot of Jason Standiford
Jason Standiford
Chief Technology Officer
Headshot of Raj Singh
Raj Singh
Chief Marketing Officer
Headshot of Kelly Buchanan
Kelly Buchanan
Chief People Officer
Headshot of Kelly Buchanan
Nikolay Tchaouchev
Chief Design Officer
Headshot of Kelly Buchanan
Matt Juarez
VP, Contact Center Operations


Headshot of Marc Heyneker
Marc Heyneker
Co-Founder, CEO
Headshot of Jay Ashton
Jay Ashton
Co-Founder, Revinate
Headshot of Brian Melton
Brian Melton
Managing Director, Tenaya Capital
Headshot of Hoang Vuong
Hoang Vuong
CFO of Amplitude
Headshot of Kathleen Reidenbach
Kathleen Reidenbach
Chief Commercial Officer,
Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants
Headshot of Lance Fenton
Lance Fenton
Partner at Serent Capital
Headshot of Dexter Hopen
Dexter Hopen
Principal at Serent Capital

Inside the Revination

Life on the inside is fast, fun, contemplative, energizing — a few of the words Revinators have used to describe the environment here.

Come in and take a closer look at our culture and how it unfolds!

Pub quizzes, 3rd Thursday meet-ups, culture club, Olympics at the park, cookouts — there is a lot happening. Come in, take a look, and you will see us laughing, caring, arguing, too, at times. It’s hard to forget a Revinator when you have met one!

We’re growing. Join us.