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Understanding Trends in Guest Feedback

understanding trends in guest feedback

Howard Schultz famously said, “When you acknowledge your weaknesses and ask for advice, you’ll be surprised how much others will help.” While he wasn’t referring to the hospitality industry per se, this quote likely rings true for hoteliers who strive to create great experiences and rely on feedback from guests. Luckily, today’s hoteliers have access … Continued

Data-Driven Tips for Survey Success in Asia Pacific

We recently shared the analysis of more than eight million survey responses from over 3,500 global hotel customers to understand what drives survey completion rates. This time around, we’re focusing on survey responses across more than 1,100 hotel customers in the APAC region to understand any differences compared with the global averages. With all the … Continued

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Product Spotlight: Improved Survey Real Time Alerts

Keeping up with all the feedback for your hotel can sometimes be overwhelming. Here at Revinate, our goal is to make this process as simple and streamlined as possible for you. The more you can focus on the information most relevant to you, the more time you’ll have to tackle the hundred other items on … Continued

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Amplificando la voz tu de tu huésped

Anteriormente hemos invertido bastante tiempo en este blog explicando temas como  la influencia de las opiniones en las reservaciones de los hoteles y el cómo manejar tu reputacion online como forma de mercadeo digital. Pero, lo que queremos cubrir acá es un poco diferente y bastante simple. ¿Sabías que la efectividad de tus opiniones está … Continued