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You’ll understand how to capture emails and other guest information, how your team can cooperate to maintain clean and updated data, and how you can benchmark to make improvements.

Getting Started with Hotel Data Collection and Email Capture

Direct bookings are 12.5% more profitable than OTA bookings, but having a clean database is key. Learn how you can start gathering and maintaining clean guest data now.

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Data Collection

Getting Started: How to Start Capturing Emails

Team Responsibilities

Analyzing Information

Hoteliers should be personalizing every pre-stay, on-site, and post-stay email they send. To do this, you need access to guest data. Some great sources of guest data are the PMS, survey and guest preference responses, and past campaign engagement. With these three sources of data, you should be able to effectively segment and personalize emails to drive engagement throughout the customer journey.

"Today's hotels need a robust data collection strategy focused on email capture to deliver personalized communications that drive direct bookings. This guide walks through the different email collection techniques you can leverage — and how you can motivate your team to meet goals"
Karen Stephens

CRO @ Revinate

are possible with clean data that allows you to send segmented emails

2.5x higher open rates

3x click-through rates 

Karen Stephens

CRO @ Revinate