You’ll come away with a strategic understanding of how to collect and activate first-party data to improve your hotel marketing performance.

The complete guide to first-party data for hoteliers

Collecting and activating the right data is essential for effective marketing and personalization. But the technology and regulations for doing so are shifting. 

After reading this guide

First, second, and third-party data overview

The state of data collection: from cookies to regulations

Tools for data collection and analysis 

Data collection and the guest journey

How to generate more revenue with first-party data

By leveraging first-party data, you can have it all: money-making marketing campaigns, respect for data privacy and regulatory compliance, and exceptional guest experiences.

"You'll learn how to make the most of the data that you already collect from your customers throughout the guest journey. We share tips on how to create highly personalized campaigns that drive revenue, all while respecting your guests’ digital privacy."
Karen Stephens



of guests are willing to pay more for information and experiences that are more tailored to them. By neglecting personalization, you’re more likely to miss out on the sale.

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