Benchmark data: APAC responses and ratings overview

Revinate benchmark 2023 APAC average response rate to reviews

73.35% average review response rate in the Maldives

As a whole, the average review response rate among APAC micro-regions was higher than the global average review response rate. Only Thailand and the “Rest of APAC” micro-regions had lower average response rates at 42.58% and 51.62%, respectively.

The Maldives stood out not just for having the highest average review response rate in all of APAC, but for having the highest average review response rate of all micro-regions in our analysis at 73.35%.

Should other APAC hoteliers aim to achieve these types of results? It’s certainly worth considering taking a more aggressive approach to review responses if your ratings are lacking. But it’s more important that you make sure to keep review responses courteous, prompt, and personalized. Taking the time to indicate to guests that you’re truly absorbing what they have to say, and then acting on it, can make a significant difference.

Revinate benchmark 2023 APAC NPS

For the Maldives, the higher review response rate clearly paid off. This is the only micro-region that achieved an average net promotor score (NPA) of greater than 65. This just goes to show that gathering valuable feedback via reviews provides you with information that you can use to improve the experience for all guests.

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