Benchmark data: Global automated vs. one-time campaigns

Revinate benchmark 2023 global one-time vs automated campaigns

0.64% average conversion rate for automated campaigns

It’s important to remember that the type of email campaign you send to guests can impact performance. Case in point, automated campaigns outperformed one-time campaigns across the board in 2022.

Not only did automated campaigns see an average click-through rate more than 4 times that of one-time campaigns, but they also generated a higher average conversion rate — 0.64% compared to 0.41%.

The success of automated campaigns is largely due to segmentation and personalization. Examples include “OTA win-back,” “Birthdays,” “Cart abandonment,” and “We miss you.” All of these emails are crafted to speak to specific audiences at specific points in their journeys.

That doesn’t mean one-time campaigns are a waste, though. For most hotels, one-time campaigns are foundational to their marketing strategies. Emails that fall under this category include newsletters, holiday messages, and special promotions. These can all generate strong results, but it’s important to segment wisely to truly capture guests’ attention and avoid overwhelming your entire database.

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