2023 benchmark report

Benchmark data: LATAM automated vs. one-time campaigns

Revinate benchmark 2020 LTAM one-time vs. automated campaigns

17.7% average click-through rate for automated campaigns

When it came to automated campaigns versus one-time campaigns in LATAM, automated ones simply drove better results. In fact, automated campaigns saw an average click-through rate of 17.7% and an average conversion rate of 1.13% in 2022. Both of those figures are significantly higher than what they were for one-time campaigns.

These differences are stark, but they also reflect something we know to be true: Automated campaigns tend to make better use of personalization and segmentation. But hoteliers also have an opportunity to learn from automated campaigns to improve their one-time campaigns.

Was there a particular segment that was more engaged than others? Did you discover any offers that drove a surprising number of conversions? By conducting some analysis, you could find a number of ways to boost the performance of your one-time campaigns.

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