Benchmark data: Voice channel overview

5,403 average calls per month per hotel in 2022

According to research, the typical call center receives an average of 4,400 calls each month. The hospitality industry is somewhat of an outlier.

Our data reveals that the typical monthly volume for hotel call centers was 5,403 in 2022. The spring and summer months were particularly busy, with volume staying above 6,000 calls per month from June through September.

There were some differences based on the size of the hotel, with larger properties receiving more calls. Properties with more than 100 rooms received nearly 1,800 more calls each month compared to hotels with 100 rooms or fewer. And the hotel type makes a difference as well — properties in the “Vacation rental” category received an average of 4,736 calls per month while properties in the “Hotel/resort” category received more than 7,000 calls per month.

Why the differences? It could be the types of guests who are attracted to different property types. For example, those who opt for a vacation rental are somewhat more private. Those who choose a hotel or resort, on the other hand, probably have more questions about services and amenities.

The volume breakdown for lead calls followed a similar pattern. The average number of monthly lead calls for 2022 was 796 — but the highest monthly averages were actually in January and February. This can partially be explained by the fact that most Reservation Sales users are in North America, and winter is a colder time when many guests are eager to plan a vacation.

It’s worth noting that the average number of lead calls per month dropped quite a bit in October. Economic uncertainty and high inflation are likely culprits behind this shift, meaning that call center agents will really need to adopt a sales mindset throughout 2023 to drive as many bookings as possible.

There are some key differences based on hotel size and hotel type, too. Hotels with 100 rooms or fewer received an average of 695 lead calls per month while hotels with more than 100 rooms received 720 lead calls per month. And properties in the “Hotel/resort” category received an average of 892 lead calls each month while those in the “Vacation rental” category received an average of just 695 monthly lead calls. Knowing this, vacation rentals might want to take a more aggressive approach to outbound calling.

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