Benchmark data: Inbound vs. outbound conversion rates

Reservation Sales inbound conversion rates for Revinate 2023 benchmark report

43% inbound conversion rate for Reservation Sales users in 2022

For reservation sales agents, answering calls and ushering guests toward making a booking is a huge part of the job. So, how frequently did calls result in bookings? The overall average inbound conversion rate for all Reservation Sales users last year was 43%. It was slightly higher among properties with more than 100 rooms.

There were also some differences in conversion rates based on hotel type. The average inbound conversion rate for properties in the “Hotel/resort” category was 44%, and those in the “Vacation rental” category had an average inbound conversion rate of 38%.

While the total number of calls a reservation sales team manages skews heavily toward inbound calls, it’s still important to remember the impact outbound calling can make. In fact, the average outbound conversion rate for 2022 was 36%. This time, hotels with 100 rooms or fewer had a slightly higher outbound conversion rate than hotels with more than 100 rooms.

Like inbound conversion rates, outbound conversion rates were lowest for the “Vacation rental” category. To improve these rates even more, consider tactics like standardizing note taking among all agents, implementing call scoring, and providing ongoing coaching.

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