Benchmark data: Upsells email marketing overview

Revinate benchmark 2023 breakdown of pre-arrival emails with upsells across all micro-regions

66% of pre-arrival emails with upsells were from NAM and “Rest of Europe”

For a lot of folks, the term “upsell” carries a negative connotation. It rings of overt and irrelevant sales pitches. However, upselling doesn’t have to be pushy. It’s actually a great way to drive direct revenue while providing guests with offers they’ll appreciate.

While upselling is nothing new in hospitality, not every location has taken advantage of it. Scandinavia, New Zealand, and the Maldives don’t send enough pre-arrival emails with upsells to even register. And ME/Africa, LATAM, Thailand, and the “Rest of APAC” micro-regions only make up a small portion of all pre-arrival emails leveraging upsells.

On the flip side, NAM’s share of pre-arrival emails with upsells was 34%, and the “Rest of Europe” micro-region accounted for 32%. Together, those regions were responsible for sending 66% of all pre-arrival emails with upsells in 2022.

The key to upsells, no matter where you’re located, is personalization. Need some examples? You could target couples that have an interest in food and beverages with add-ons for making a brunch reservation or getting an in-room bottle of wine. You could also consider appealing to guests who enjoy the outdoors with offers for bike rentals or surfing lessons.

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